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Friday, August 30, 2019

Donald Moynahan: Born Under A Lucky Star

This is a news story about a Moynahan cousin from Tilbury who appeared in the news in 1964 having been the sole survivor of a car accident that claimed the lives of four other persons.

In the final paragraph of one of the many news stories about the accident, Donald Moynahan said,
"I must have been born under a lucky star. When I was just a kid, I was in a car with my grandfather and my brother and the car was in an accident. Both my grandfather and my brother were critically injured and were in the hospital for months. I didn't get a scratch.
I guess I better touch wood."

The Windsor Star (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
22 Jan 1964, Wed · Page 1
The Windsor Star (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
22 Jan 1964, Wed · Page 3
Front Page:
 Two questions came to mind when I read this news story
  1. Who was Donald Moynahan?
  2. Could I find details of the crash he was in as a young boy with his grandfather?
Who was Donald Moynahan?

From all of the news stories that I read about the accident, I determined a few facts about Donald in 1964 at the time of the accident:
  • He was thirty-years-old
  • He lived at RR #1, St Joachim, Ontario
  • He worked at Don's Cartage in Tecumseh, Ontario
  • He was married
  • For the past 2 1/2 years, the three men traveled- back and forth to work together
The only possible Donald Moynahan that I had in my ancestry tree who would have been born in the 1930s was my third cousin (once removed) Donald (Sylvio) Moynahan who was born September 1933 to Joseph W. (1910-1978) and Diana Marie (Duquette) Moynahan (1912-1997)

Descendants of Timothy Moynahan (1847-1929) and Julia Ann Carr (1849-1925) of Tilbury, Ontario
I confirmed that this was the same Donald through the 1974 Voters list where I found a Donald Moynahan (truck driver) living at RR #1, St Joachim with his wife Noella.

Source: Ancestry: Title: Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980
Donald and Noella Moynahan are buried at the St Joachim Roman Catholic Cemetery, Essex County, ON

Photos courtesy of Diane Quinn [2008], additions from Denise George Klarer, Bob Garant, Douglas & Donna Gammon Indexed by Diane Quinn
The Windsor Star
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
· 24 Apr 1986, Thu ·
Page 75
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Thu, Aug 29, 2019
The Windsor Star
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
· 29 Sep 1997, Mon ·
Page 18
Donald S. and Noella Marie (Rivest) Moynahan did not have any children according to their obituaries.
More About The Accident

There are MANY stories about the tragic accident in the newspapers. It was covered extensively and you can read the newspapers online for free at Google (The Windsor Star)

Visit the front page at:

For this blog post, I would like to honour the four people who were less fortunate than my cousin Donald Moynahan and did not survive this terrible accident. May they rest in peace.

Rest in Peace
I could not find a photo of Mrs. Betty Gillett
Rest in Peace
The Windsor Star · 14 Jan 1964, Tue · Page 4
Rest In Peace
Scene of the accident; Source: Windsor Star; January 14, 1964
Front Page:

(2.) Could I find details of the crash he was in as a young boy with his grandfather?

Sadly, the answer is no. But I am confident that I will locate details of the earleir accident that cousin Donald Moynahan survived as I continue my newspaper research of the Moynahans of Essex county 1830-2019

Thursday, August 29, 2019

OTD: August 30: Raymond Stanislaus Krolicki Died (1986)

On October 26, 2017, I posted about Ambrose E. Moynahan who died "On That Day" in  1954.

Ambrose Moynahan was a mining engineer and is one of our Michigan/Colorado Moynahan ancestors. While researching Ambrose in 2017, I discovered two surprises:
  1. I discovered (too late) that I had connected with Ambrose’s granddaughter June Woeber in 2002 on an ancestry message board. June passed in 2014 in California.(See:
  2. I also discovered a familial connection to a Capt. James Minihan and his son Ralph (originally from Michigan) who are buried in the Buckskin cemetery, Colorado. (See:
This past summer there has been an additional wonderful development in my Michigan/Colorado Moynahan research :
  1. Descendants of Ambrose Moynahan's daughter, Zelda (Moynahan) Woeber (1901-2002), are in the process of sorting through many family photographs, documents and memoirs that detail the life of some of our Moynahan ancestors in Michigan and Colorado from the 1850s to present day. I am so grateful that they have reached out to me on my blog and have generously shared a great deal of new information with me already!
 Today's blog post focuses on Zelda's sister Jacqwyn's family, the Krolickis of Denver, Colorado (red box below)
Our Michigan/Colorado Moynahan ancestors - previous blog posts in blue and today's blog post in red

As part of my "On This Day" practice,  today I am honouring Raymond Stanislaus Krolicki  who married Jacqwyn Mary Moynahan (daughter of Ambrose and Mae Belle Moynahan).  

My "On This Day" practice is my way to:

  • honour the life events of my ancestors
  • revisit my previous research, 
  • check for new information online (i.e. on ancestry and Family Search)
  • update any of my previous blog posts if new information was found
  • share these #OTD memes on social media like my Facebook page (to share with family) and on twitter (to share with other genealogists)
  • In some cases, I create new blog posts.

Raymond Stanislaus Krolicki Died August 30, 1986

Times-Advocate (Escondido, California) · 3 Sep 1986, Wed · Page 9 Downloaded on Aug 29, 2019
    The Krolicki Family

    This blog post is dedicated to the Krolicki family of Denver Colorado pictured below in this delightful Getty photograph going to the movies in 1955
    Getty Image: Denver Post Archives; The Krolicki Family; July 20, 1955.
     Following The "Shaking Leaves"

    When I reviewed Ambrose in 2017 on, there were lots of new leaves to check out and one branch led me directly to the Krolicki family in Denver Colorado.

    The Colorado Moynahans
    I learned that Ambrose's daughter Jacqwyn Mary Moynahan (1918-1994) married Raymond Stanislaus Krolicki (1920-1986). I have not been successful locating the marriage record or determining where or when they met.

    There were twelve children named in Rays 1986 obituary (Mary--Michaele Brooks (Germany); Kelli Avrit (Calif)' Elizabeth Golddman, Margaret Crenshaw, Leslie Krolicki and son Matthew missing above)

    "Ray", as he was called, was a WW II war veteran who lost both of his legs after he encountered a land mine in Germany. When Ray enlisted for the war in July, 1941, he was working for the Royal Cab Co in Detroit Michigan.

    Source: Getty Image: Denver Post Archives; June 18, 1956
    Source: Getty Image: Denver Post Archives;
    BURIAL Fort Logan National Cemetery Denver, Denver County, Colorado, USA Add to Map PLOT Section U, Site 3610 MEMORIAL ID 890804 · View Source
    Ray Was An Artist/Cartoonist at the Denver Post

    Ray worked at the Denver Post for thirty-four years. He worked as chief in the editorial art department.

    Source: Getty Image: Denver Post Archives; Oct 21, 1960

    Source: Getty Image: Denver Post Archives; Sept. 10, 1971

    Being an artist myself, I was keen to locate any artwork and/or cartoons created by Ray but I was unsuccessful.

    My 3rd cousin (twice removed) Jackie (Moynahan) Krolicki died at 75 years-of-age in 1994 at her home in Oceanside, California (San Diego county)

    Jacqwyn Mary (Moynahan) Krolicki 1918–1994
    Birth 3 JUL 1918 • Colorado
    Death 28 MAR 1994 • San Diego

    Source: North County Times Oceanside, California 30 Mar 1994, Wed  •  Page 15

    As I continue to add details to the Krolicki family tree, I expect to see more "shaking leaves" on ancestry to fill in more of the details. Below is the obituary for Ray and Jackie Krolicki's twin daughter Susan Williams who died in 2007 in Fort Myers, Florida.

    Source: News-Press (Fort Myers, Florida)
    · 15 Jun 2007, Fri ·
    Page 17

    Useful Research Links for Denver Colorado

    Researching Denver
    Colorado Newspapers

    Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    Things I Learned About My Nova Scotia Roots (in Ohio)

    In 2016, I visited my maternal aunt in Ohio. I had not been there in forty years! My mother Dawn (Creighton) Moynahan had passed away thirty-five years ago and then I moved even farther away to Sudbury!

    It had been a very long, long time and drove there with my other maternal aunt (my aunt Deb) and when we arrived, my aunt Barb shared her home, her hospitality, some wonderful photos and cherished stories with me. I am so grateful. It was a trip that I will never forget.

    Below, I will try to summarize, in twenty-five words or less, a few of the things that I learned.

    "Tufts Cove" Should Be Spelled "Toughs Cove"

    Between 1929 and 1941, my mother and her Creighton siblings
    were born in Tuft's Cove, Nova Scotia.
    Tufts Cove, Nova Scotia as it appears today (Source: Google Maps)

    Frederick Douglas Creighton (1907-1976)
    with two daughters (Claire and Barb) and an unidentified young girl
    in Tufts Cove (c 1937)

    George's Island Lighthouse

    Historic postcard:

    My Grandfather Was A "Plate Burner"

    Artist Stanley Spencer received a commission from the War Artist's Advisory Committee on 6 June 1940 to record the war effort by focusing on the shipbuilding industry. 'Burners' was the first of the shipbuilding works to be finished and was based on drawings made in May 1940. Spencer's shipbuilding drawings show a fascination with the components and machinery of the yards and the skill of the workers manipulating them. Their job was to cut the steel plates with oxy-acetylene torches, following the complex chalk lines the machines could not manage. In a letter from Spencer to Elmslie Owen at the Ministry of Information in November 1942, he described the work: 'In this burners painting I have treated the burners as a series of decorative figures because of the interesting variety of positions they naturally assume.'

    "Workers, wearing round goggles and sitting or lying in various positions, use oxy-acetylene equipment. A pair of cylinders, one oxygen, the other acetylene, can be seen in the top left. Many of the burners were young men from the age of 16 to 20 years old. The young boy sitting upright, top right, takes a break and has removed his goggles and is mopping his brow."

    My Aunt Nearly Drowned In The Narrows

    There is a newspaper article about my aunt falling off a Halifax pier and I am still searching for it! Rescues from near-drownings were usually front page news and often picked up by other newspapers of the day. I will post it here when I do find it. UPDATE: my maternal Aunt Deb has a copy and will send it and I will update this page.

    The North West Arm Was Popular

    My mother Dawn (Creighton) Moynahan in front with friends at the North West Arm, Halifax, Nova Scotia

    My mother (second from front) with her best friend Shirley (in front)

    Always Write Who, When, Where on Your Family Photos

    Some pictures that we looked at remain a mystery because there are no names written on the back. I am also guilty of this with photographs taken by me in the recent past. The photos below remain a mystery:

    Visitors from Australia
    The Creighton brothers?

    Time Passes Quickly But Family Is Always There

    This was probably the most important thing that I learned on my visit to my aunt Barbs house in Ohio. Time does pass much too quickly and I let too many years past between visits with both of my maternal aunts.

    The letter above (written by one of Aunt Barb's grandchildren) said that Barb had taught him to:

    "Live life deliberately and to the fullest, always maintain a certain stubborn will to go on, have fun .."
    (*still makes me so teary to read it again*)

    What a woman! What a life! Thank you for all that you have taught us all. I love you Aunt Barb! 

    And thank you Aunt Deb for making the trip with me. The drive there and back was filled with laughter and love. I am so grateful.

    Tuesday, August 27, 2019

    The Visitors From Australia - NOT Our Moreland Kin

    In 2015, while visiting my aunt Barbara in Ohio, I was shown the picture below that was taken in Tuft's Cove, Nova Scotia presumably in the summer of 1941 and is known as "Visitors from Australia" . This blog post describes my attempts to confirm the identity of the three Australian visitors.

    UPDATE: In less than twenty-four hours of posting the photo, an Australian descendant of  Susan (Marrinan/Willis) Moreland (her grand-daughter) wrote that:
    "Thanks for the photo.   I don't think this is my family in the photo...  In 1941 the war was on and my mother was living with my Nanna Susan Moreland (her mother-in-law).  She ... definitely didn't go overseas then or to my knowledge ever. Ena Mary Moreland (that's what written on her death certificate) did die on 26th August 2010.  She was 17 in 1941.   She was the daughter of Charles Moreland and Susan Moreland.   Ena was deaf and had no children.  She never went overseas, that I know for sure..."
    Rather than delete this blog post about our Australian Moreland ancestors, I have decided to leave it here to honour Charles, Susan and Ena Mary Moreland (who died August 26th )and hopefully one day, I will find photographs to add to our tree.

    Picture known as "Visitors from Australia" taken at Tufts's Cove, Nova Scotia
    In the private collection of Barbara (Creighton) Huston
    Picture taken summer 1941 with Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton and her children: Kenny was 1 (born Aug 1940), Barbara 7, Claire 11 and three visitors from Australia

    In 2010, my cousin Bruce Creighton (who has researched the Creighton name extensively) shared with me that our 2nd great grandfather Charles Moreland 1858–1930 (born in Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland) died on the 6th of August, 1930 in Melbourne,Victoria, Australia.

    Charles was the eldest son of James Moreland (1836-1901) and Mary Mulholland (1839-1896) who both were born in Antrim, Northern Ireland and died in Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland

    Charles married three times:
    1. Marriage to Agnes Bell Hind (1852-1888) on the 27th of February 1877 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
    2. Marriage to Elizabeth Wright (1850-1920) in 1896 in Sydney, New South Wales.
    3. Marriage to Susan Marrinan (1875-1961) in 1922 in Victoria, Australia

    The Family Group Sheet for Charlees Moreland

    Charles Moreland Was A Fireman His Entire Life

    The earliest records of Charles show him as a "fireman & trimmer" on ships. A "fireman" in this context is not someone who puts out fires but rather someone who maintains fires on a ship.
    • A fireman, stoker or watertender is a person whose occupation it is to tend the fire for the running of a boiler, heating a building, or powering a steam engine. Much of the job is hard physical labor, such as shoveling fuel, typically coal, into the boiler's firebox.
    • A coal trimmer or trimmer is a position within the engineering department of a coal-fired ship which involves all coal handling tasks, starting with the loading of coal into the ship and ending with the delivery of the coal to the stoker or fireman.
    Stoker Coaling one of the Furnaces in the Stokehold of a Steamship c 1910
    The Scientific American | GG Archives Maritime Collection
    Source: My Ancestor Was A Stoker - PressReader › who-do-you-think-you-are-magazine

    The earliest ship's manifest shows 31 year-old Charles aboard the ship  Balmoral Castle in March 1889 sailing from Glasgow to New South Wales, Australia one of 11 fireman. (Charle's first wife Agnes had died on the 3rd of January 1888. All of their three children, Catherine, John (my great grandfather) and Mary, were sent to workhouses in Scotland and Agnes' (who was the illegitimate daughter Jemima) was sent to Canada as part of the British Home Children movement.)

    New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1826-1922

    Finding Ena Moreland - Too Late

    My cousin Bruce believes that one of the women in the photo at Tuft's Cove was Ena Moreland  daughter of Charles Moreland and Susan Willis. (Could the other one be her mother Susan Moreland who died in 1961?) In 2010, Bruce wrote:

    "I've found another relative. The sad thing is, she just died last week before we could get information to her. Ena Moreland lived in Australia....  Ena was Nana's half Aunt (great-grandfather John Moreland's half sister)....

    Ena was born in 1924. Charles died in 1930. Here's the story, as Bruce was told (edited)...
    • "Charles left in the mid-1880's to Australia. He left children Catherine, John and Mary with our great-great-grandmother Agnes Belle. Agnes died in 1888 and Charles hadn't returned, so John and Mary ended up in the Lochgilhead Asylum aka Poor House (as known by the 1891 census). Not sure what happened to Catherine at this point. Then when I see John's 1916 Attestation Papers for WW1 he has his father, Charles, living in Melbourne Australia."
    • "In 1916 in Australia, Charles was married to Elizabeth Wright. I'm not sure if they have any children. I cannot find any yet. Elizabeth died in 1920."
    • "Charles then marries Susan Willis in 1922 and they have their only child Ena."
    • Story passed on by Willis descendants still living in Australia: "Ena was sick when she was 7 which caused her to become deaf. When Charles passed away, Susan sent Ena to the Waratah School for the Deaf in Sidney so that she could learn sign language and read lips and Ena went home school holidays to her mother and siblings"
    • "Susan died in 1961. She's buried with Charles and her first husband James" (The cemetery iss called Cobourg Pine Ridge and can be searched here:
    Source: Ancestor Search GMTC Public
    Source: Death Notice for James Willis  The Age; 2 Sep 1921

    Susan Moreland Funeral Notice;
    The Age (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) · 6 May 1961, Sat · Page 21

    Evidently Charles Moreland kept in touch with his Scottish born children over the years. And it appears that his third wife Susan and daughter Ena made their way to Tuft's Cove, Nova Scotia to visit with Charles' grand-daughter Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton - my grandmother

    Australian Records

    Death Certificates can be purchased online and immediately download for AUD $17.50
    from registration numbers below

    • MORELAND Charles; Father Moreland James Mother Mary MULHOLLAND; Death Place FITZROY 72 years 1930 Reg #9472 (see death certificate below shared with me by Erin Sullivan)
    • MORELAND Susan; Father Marrinan Unkno Mother UNKNOWN; Death Place Kew; 86 years 1961 Reg#8161 
    • Inquest Index: MORELAND Susan; 1961 Reference 872; Cause Cardio Vascular Degeneration; Inq Date 19 May 1961
    • WILLIS James; Father James WILLIS Mother Mary NEIL; Died at Fitzroy 41 years 1921 Reg#9849;
    • MORELAND Elizabeth; Father WRIGHT Thomas Mother Ann SMITH; 70 years 1920 Reg#11550

    They are buried at Fawkner [Coburg Cemetery];; Church of England Comp H Grave 577
    • MORELAND Charles aged 72 years was buried on 6 Aug 1930 [very much doubt if he died the same day] 
    • MORELAND Susan age 86 years was buried on 2 May 1961 
    • and also in the same grave: WILLIS James aged 41 years was buried on 2 Sep 1921 (Susan's first husband);  "WILLIS James aged 41 years was buried on 2 Sep 1921" death notice of James WILLIS, published 2 Sep 1921;
      WILLIS. - On the 1st September, at his residence, No. 38 St. David Street, Fitzroy, James, the dearly loved husband of Susan Willis, loving father of Dorothy and James, and loved brother of Cis and Em, aged 41 years. At rest.
    Marriage: MORELAND Chas and WILLIS Susan; 1922 Reg #5391

    Australian Electoral Roll 1903
    • MORELAND Charles 33 Hancock Street, South Melbourne Fireman
    • MORELAND Elizabeth 33 Hancock Street, South Melbourne Home duties
    Australian Electoral Roll 1914
    • MORELAND Charles 44 Stead Street, South Melbourne Fireman
    • MORELAND Elizabeth 44 Stead Street, South Melbourne Home duties
    Australian Electoral Roll 1924
    • MORELAND Charles 44 Stead Street, South Melbourne Fireman
     Electoral Roll 1924 (change of address)
    • WILLIS Susan 30 King Street, PRAHRAN
     Electoral Roll 1931
    • MORELAND Susan 93 Napier Street, Fitzroy Home duties

    Australian Death Record for Charles Moreland. 1930 (with thanks t Erin Sullivan)

    Australian Death Record for Charles Moreland. details (enlarged)

    Australian Death Record for Charles Moreland. details (enlarged)

    This blog post was possible with thanks to information from Bruce Creighton, Erin Sullivan, Vicki Willis, and Candybella @ ancestry. I am grateful for the help of Willis descendants in Australia who have clarified that the three Australian visitors are NOT our MOreland kin.

    The Mystery of Margaret ("Peggy") Moreland? 

    Did she go to Australia as well?
    Is it possible that Peggy (aka Margaret Moreland) went with Charles to Australia? Our grandmother (aka Dorthy (Moreland) Creighton reportedly said she used to have correspondance with Peggy's daughter/granddaughter. Margaret was in the 1881 census with James and Mary but not in the 1891 census. Margaret would have been 20 in 1891. There are no marriage or death records for Margaret in Scotland.