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John Moreland's Sister Jemima Hind: Was She Sent To Canada?

Between 1870 and 1933, over 100,000 juvenile migrants from the British Isles went to Canada, with around 7,000 children coming from The Orphan Homes of Scotland. (It is estimated that there are around 250,000 descendants of these emigrants living in Canada today.)

I have never felt a direct connection to the British Home Children except that I supported the movement to lobby the government of Canada to have them Declare a National British Home Child Day
On February 7, House of Commons motion M-133, sponsored by Conservative MP Guy Lauzon (Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry), passed unanimously 294–0 in Parliament. The motion declares September 28 national British Home Child Day.
I have never felt a DIRECT connection until this morning when I got curious about my great grandfather's sister Jemima Gray Hind.

Undated/Unsourced photo of British Home Children found online at

 Jemima G. Hind

When I was preparing the Oct. 10 post about my great grandfather John Moreland (1882-1940), I became curious about John's older sister Jemima G. Hind found on the 1881 census with him and his mother and sister Catherine (below).

Source: 1881 Scotland Census; Parish: Glasgow Barony;
ED: 90; Page: 23; Line: 24; Roll: cssct1881_229b
My 2nd great grandmother Agnes Bell Hind Moreland died on the 3rd of January 1888 at 36 years of age leaving behind four small children. Her husband Charles Moreland was a steamship fireman and, following her death, her four children Jemima, Catherine, John and Mary were located in the 1891 censuses as follows:
  1. 11-year-John and his sister 7-year-old Mary are found at the Smithston/Ravenscraig/Lochilhead workhouse for children .
    • John became a career soldier, fought in WWI, married his Dover, England bride and moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia. He died a Quarter Master Sergeant of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Kingston, Ontario.
    • Mary became an attendant at the Lochilhead Poorhouse/Asylum (and later a nurse) and she was married at Lochilhead in 1904 to Lochilhead Poorhouse/Asylum attendant William Stenhouse who was the son of a Police Contable. Mary remained in Scotland all her life.
  2. 14-year-old Catherine is found in 1891 at 53 Drumfrochar Rd, in the town of Greenock, Scotland working as a domestic for the Smith family (Head of household Margaret Smith is noted as a "Mariner's wife" and the "mariner" is not listed on the census)
    • Catherine married Alexander Freeman (d. 1919) and they had a daughter Agnes. Catherine's second marriage was to widower John Gentles. Catherine remained in Scotland all her life.
  3. 15-year-old Jemima is found in in 1891 living as a domestic for the Campbell family in Montreal Quebec. I am still searching for her final resting place.
Here is the story of Jemima Gray Hind who I discovered was one of the infamous Quarrier Children.

1889 Aboard the Vessel Siberian 

At the top of the page was written "Mr. Quarrier children" and they were sorted by their ages on the page "17, 16, 15, 14, 13 etc to 4".

I found my 2nd great aunt Jemima Gray Hind in the twelve-year-olds list.

The vessel she had sailed on, the S.S. SIBERIAN, had stopped in Quebec, Quebec but the destination (according to the manifest) was Brockville, Ontario.

Source Citation  Library and Archives Canada; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Series: RG 76-C; Roll: C-4537

Jemima Hind and the other children were met by a Mr. Burgess and he then proceeded with the children to Montreal, Quebec.

Source Citation  Library and Archives Canada; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; Series: RG 76-C; Roll: C-4537
This photograph below (taken in June 1885) is on the SAME vessel (the S.S. SIBERIAN) that Jemima was also "shipped" on in June 1889

SOURCE: Children in this party include: ​ANDERSON    Elizabeth ANDERSON    Mary BALLANTYNE    Bella BLAIR    Margaret BRAND    Nellie BROWN    Davina BROWN    Jessie BROWN    Martha BUCKINGHAM    M A BURCHELL    Ellen CAIRNS    Mary CAMERON    Margaret CARNEY    Mary A CHINGWEN    Ada CHINGWEN    Thomas CHINGWIN    Minnie CHINGWIN    Effie CLARK    Agnes COOK    Kate CORBETT    Christian CORBETT    Mary A DELSY    Annie DOCHERTY    Margaret DUDGEON    Euphamy DUFF    Willie DULY    Lizz DUNCAN    Alexis DUNNING    Agnes ELDER    Lizz ELDER    Sarah ENGLISH    Margaret FEE    Bridget FINDLATTER    Robert FINNIGEN    Margaret FLEMING    Mina FORD    Mary FRAME    Catherine GLASS    Jenie GORDON    Margaret GORDON    Jean GOULD    Agnes GREELIN    Margaret GREELIN    Mary I HARPER    Jane HARPER    Ann HAY    Lizz HAY    Boyce HIGGINS    Jane HIGGINS    Jane HILL    Mary HOLBORN    Christian HOLT    Margaret HUTTON    Nellie KELLY    Elizabeth LANG    Jeanie LANG    Jessie LEIPER    Jane LEIPER    Annie MAIN    Elizabeth MARTIN    Marion McCONNELL    Jane McCRIOL    Catherine McDEVITT    Jane McDONALD    Jessie McDONALD    Elizabeth McFARLANE    Jean McGILL    Julia McGREELY    Susan McGREGOR    Margaret McINDAL    Mary McKAY    Jessie McLEAN    Christiana McLEAN    Jessie McLEAN    Jean McLEAN    Dina McLEISH    Isabel McLEISH    Leane McLEOD    Catherine McLEOD    Barbara McMURTRIE    Jessie McMURTRIE    David McNEIL    Emmily McNEIL    Hana McONE    Bella McTAVISH    Maryz McTAVISH    Margaret MELROSE    Elizabeth MILLER    Mary MILLER    Jessie MILLER    Margaret MILLER    Grace MILLS    Lizz MITCHELL    Jane MOFFAT    Margaret MOFFAT    Bella MONE    Mary MOORE    Margaret MOORE    James MORILUR    Mary MORTIMER    Mary MORTON    Margaret MUIR    Bella MUIR    Annie MUNRO    Maggie MURDOCK    Georgina MURPHY    Marion MURRAY    Helen MURRAY    Margaret NOBLE    Ann NOBLE    Susan PARKER    Elizabeth PEPPER    Emma PEPPER    Annie PERRIE    Sarah PHILLIPS    Jane PIERCE    Mary RATCHFORD    Ann REID    Lizz ROBERTSON    Mary ROBERTSON    Mary ROSS    Annabelle ROSS    Mary SCOTT    Margaret SHIELDS    Mary SMITH    Agnes SPEIRS    Katie SPEIRS    Robert STEWART    Mary STEWART    William SWAN    Katie TAYLOR    Jane THOMPSON    Katie THOMPSON    Annie TRAVIS    Ellen WARDEN    Mary WATERSON    Lizz WEMYSS    Alexis WHITEN    Joan WHITEN    Isobell YOUNG    Margaret 

 Quarriers male children arrive at a holding house in Canada in March 26,1889.
Read more at:

1891 Montreal Quebec

I located Jemima working as a domestic for the Campbell family in Montreal, Quebec and I was curious why she did not proceed to Brockville with the rest of the children?

 Year: 1891; Census Place: St Antoine Ward, MontrĂ©al Centre, Quebec; Roll: T-6406; Family No: 30

1901 Brockville, Ontario

 By 1901, Jemima has arrived in Brockvillle, Ontario and this is the census that indicated her arrival year as 1889 and MOST importantly, her birth date of June 23, 1876 which matches the birth certificate provided by my cousin B.C.

Source: Year: 1901; Census Place: Elizabethtown, Brockville, Ontario; Page: 9; Family No: 86
Jemima is living in the home of Alexander Burges (b 1852) and Ann M. Burgess (b 1845). I learned that Alexander Burges was the Superintendant of the Quarrier receiving home in Brockville known as Fairknowe House

Burgess was also the name of the man who met the ship S.S, Siberian of Quarrier children in Quebec back in 1889. Alexandr Burges died in 1909.

Birth: Jemima Gray Hind; 1876

What Happened To Jemima Hind?

Agnes was 1 of 7,000 Scottish children who were sent from Scotland to Canada between 1871-1938!

The more I searched, the more details I found about a Glasgow shoemaker William Quarrier, who founded the Orphan Homes of Scotland and who opened his own Canadian receiving home, 'Fairknowe', at Brockville, Ontario.

I have sent  £25  to the Quarriers Bridge of Weir Renfrewshire, for Jemima Hind's records and will update once I receive a response. In the meantime I am reading the yearly Quarrier’s Narratives of Facts to see if there is any mention of Jemima.

I plan to visit Brockville and the Fairknowe house , the last known location for Jemima Gray Hind, which is only one hour away from where I presently live.

This video below gives a comprehensive summary of the "British Home Children" ( see: It was created by Lori Oschefski of the British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association

Quarrier records 

The Quarrier records can be accessed through their web site at: Quarriers Bridge of Weir Renfrewshire, Information on Quarriers including photos and free downloads of their newsletters (often containing the immigration photos of the parties of children) is found at: 

I Found Jemima Hind in the British Home Child Registry 
BHC # 7496


Jemima Gray Hind's 1889 Voyage to Canada

Thanks to the Quarrier’s Narratives of Facts I have learned more about Jemima's voyage for Scotland May 30, 1880 arriving in Quebec on June 11, 1889.

Source: Quarrier "Narrative of Facts" 1889 Page 32

Source: Quarrier "Narrative of Facts" 1889 Page 33
In July 1889, one of the girls on the same ship as Jemima wrote to Mr. and Mrs. Quarrier about the trip from her point of view:

Source: Quarrier "Narrative of Facts" 1889 Page 38


  • Documentary: "Forgotten" discussed on TVO Watch Online Until: Oct 27, 2018
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  • Quarrier’s Narratives of Facts are annual reports describing the work of the Orphan Homes of Scotland in the previous year. The collection on this page contains scans of 57 editions dating from 1872 to 1928. They contains stories, images and letters from the home children. British Home Children in Canada
  • Source: Undated article  article by Christina Blizzard/Toronto Sun
  • Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    On This Day: October 10: John Miller Moreland Died

    I developed a daily practice that I call "On This Day" (or OTD for short) as a means to:
    • honour the life events of my ancestors
    • revisit my previous research, 
    • check for new information online (i.e. on ancestry and Family Search)
    • update any of my previous blog posts if new information was found
    • share these #OTD memes on social media like my Facebook page (to share with family) and on twitter (to share with other genealogists)
    • In some cases, I create new blog posts. (See:
    Today, October 10, my great grandfather John Miller Moreland died in 1940 in Kingston, Ontario.

    My Great Grandfather John Miller Moreland 

    My great grandfather John Miller Moreland (1882-1940)
    with his daughter (my grandmother)
    Dorothy (1909-2000)

    I have written previously about my great grandfather John Moreland (see links below) and today's post focuses on three things that I still do NOT know or understand fully about him
    1. Why (and when) did his headstone at the Cataraqui cemetery (Kingston, Ontario) change?
    2. Who was Mrs. John Moreland and whatever happened to her?
    3. Which poorhouse did John Moreland get sent to in Scotland and are there any records?
    John Miller Moreland's Headstone 

    My grandmother Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton gave me a photo of her father's (my great grandfather's) headstone in Kingston, Ontario.

    Noted on the headstone is the acronym QMS-RCHA

    QMS is a military abbreviation for Quarter Master Sergeant (Warrant Officer Class II) and RCHA is an abbreviation for the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery - specific regiment of artillery inside the Royal Canadian Artillery

    Headstone: "John Moreland QMS-RCHA Died Oct 10, 1940 Aged 68 years"
    Taken circa 1960s at the Catarqui cemetery in Kingston, Ontario

    A family story has it that the family (including my mother and father) visited the cemetery (likely in the 1960s)
    "Cindi years ago Nana and all of us went to Kingston and found that head stone and the person that worked there (at Catarqui cemetery) said something was wrong....all the headstones had military marking on them except for his (John Moreland's), the employee could not understand how this could happen...."
    Recently, I was then shown another photograph of the headstone by my Aunt Barbara that shows that the headstone had been replaced.

    John Moreland's current headstone
    Pictured with his daughter Dorothy Moreland (1909-2000) and
    his granddaughter Barbara (photo taken circa 1990s)

    I contacted the Cataraqui Cemetery who could not answer the headstone mystery and they kindly provided details to the location of his burial plot so that I could find him easily (which I plan to do on one of my future trips to Toronto.)

    John Miller Moreland is buried at Cataraqui Cemetery in section DVA G range 6 Lot 25.

    John Miller Moreland is buried at Cataraqui Cemetery
    in section DVA G range 6 Lot 25.

    Mrs. John Moreland

    In the 1935 Electoral Lists for Kingston, Ontario I found her ("Mrs. John Moreland") with soldier John Moreland at 416 Montreal, Kingston, Ontario. 

    Source: Canada Voters Lists 1935-1980

    I have been unable to find a marriage certificate and have no idea who "Mrs. John Moreland" is or when/where she died. I will continue to try and locate her in the records.

    Orphaned Children In Scotland's Poorhouses and Asylums

    I reported previously that my great grandfather:
    "John Moreland's mother (Agnes Bell Hind) died on the 3rd of January 1888 when John was 6 years old. John's father had already left his family in Scotland and remained in Melbourne Australia. 

    John and his younger sister, Mary, were sent to Lochgilphead Workhouse outside Glasgow. "
    I recently located an 1891 census report showing John (9 years) and his sister Mary ( 7 years) at the Smithston Asylum and Poorhouse:

    Parish: Inverkip; ED: Smithston Poorhouse and Asylum; Page: 19; Line: 3; Roll: CSSCT1891_184
    When I look at the videos of the Smithston Asylum and Poorhouse, I try to imagine what life must have been like for these small children, my great grandfather and his sister?

    (Links to video: and

    Source: Scottish Indexes

    I was curious about what life must have been like for two small children sent to an asylum after their mother died and their father had moved to Australia?

    I became very interested in searching the Poorhouse records for more details about John and his sister Mary Moreland after reading this on a Scotland message board:

    I work at Ravenscraig Hospital in Greenock, Formally known as Smithston Poorhouse and Asylum. Until recently I was the General Manager and I personaly transferred some 20 boxes of records to the Mitchell Library in Glasgow that stretched back to 1855. To read in this and other posts elsewhere on the net that these records don't exist is really disappointing. My whole motive for transferring these invaluable documents to the care of the Archivists was that they would be accessible to individuals like yourself. So I've joined simply to reply to this.
    I had someone visit the hospital 3 days ago who stated that he was told clearly that no records exist by the Mitchell. There are dozens of registers - Admission, Death, Sick Reports, etc. The only possibility of missing records might be those of the Poorhouse part of the establishment but I know the Asylum records were (are) comprehensive, together covering some 6 metres of shelving!
    The chap to contact in relation to these records is Alistair Tough, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Archivist & Records Manager. Tel: 0141 330 2992
    There is a lot of information on a great website
    If you click onto Workhouse locations on the bar at the left hand side, then Scottish Poorhouses, then Renfrewshire, then Greenock. You'll see that Smithston was a poorhouse as well as an asylum. This site gives a lot of information about the poorhouse/asylum.
    If you go to the bottom of the page there is the 1881 census for staff as well as inmates .  (Shortcut:
    In researching our family histories, the photographs and family stories we have and know often lead us to stories that are waiting to be told. That is where I find much joy when I am doing this work!

    Stay tuned for more about the Morelands of Scotland, Australia and Ontario!

    More Family History Links 
    Mentioning our Morelands Roots

    Stay Tuned For The Next Post:

    John Moreland's Sister Jemima Hind: 
    Was She Sent To Canada?  

    1881 Scotland Census: The only census showing the Morelands;
    Source Citation
    Parish: Glasgow Barony; ED: 90; Page: 24; Line: 1; Roll: cssct1881_229b Source Information 1881 Scotland Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007.
    Original data: Scotland. 1881 Scotland Census. Reels 1-338. General Register Office for Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland. Description
    (The 1881 Census for Scotland was taken on the night of 3/4 April 1881)