Ireland Research

Ever since we three siblings were really small, we heard stories about our Irish roots 
(the Moynahans, Brennans, Brodericks, Coughlins, etc) 
and we dreamed of visiting Ireland one day. 
Thanks to our generous brother "Paddy", 
the dream has come true and we visited Ireland in 2019!

The Moynahan siblings: Left to Right: "Paddy", Kelly and Cindi (c. 1963)

The Kerry Chronicles
  • Announcing the Kerry Chronicles: The "Kerry Chronicles" will be the file where we will keep all of the stories that we have collected while visiting the Co. Kerry in 2019 as well as stories that have come to us since. Two important sources of information and research will be the National Folklore Collection of Ireland and " O'Kief, Coshe Mange, Slieve Lougher and Upper Blackwater in Ireland".
  • The Kerry Chronicles: The Freemount Cemetery: This is the story about our visit to the Freemount cemetery which was the second cemetery that we visited in county Kerry in 2019 and here is what we found.
The Ireland Chronicles
  • The Ireland Chronicles: Ireland's Oldest Pub: Our trip included some eating and drinking adventures. This was fun! 
  • Bernard Moynihan: Bernard Moynihan was 19 years old and working in a field when British Forces shot him. He was the only son of  a small farmer at Shankhill, Kilcorney, Millstreet, Cork, Ireland.
Folklore Thursday

  • Folklore Thursday: The Bealnadeega Ghost: The "Folklore Thursday" posts will be primarily about text from the collections that mention Moynihans or Ó’Muineacháins or stories about places or other events in Kilcummin parish in Co. Kerry. "The Bealnadeega Ghost" reportedly killed two men, one of them being Malachy Moynihan of "The Bower", Kerry.
 Finding Our Ancestors In Ireland

These are the posts that we did prior to leaving for Ireland in 2019. There are lots of useful research links on the pages.
  1. Finding our Bowler/Brennan Ancestors in Co. Kerry
  2. Finding our Broderick Ancestors in Co. Clare
  3. Finding our Hussey Ancestors  on Co. Galway
  4. Finding our Coughlin & Duffy Ancestors in Ireland
  5. Finding our Moynahan Ancestors in Co. Kerry
  6. Finding our Roach Ancestors in Co.Cork

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