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52 Ancestors No. 20 - The Schofields

This week's blog post is about Arthur ("Art") and Margaret (Coughlin) Schofield

Arthur ("Art") and Margaret (Coughlin) Schofield

Margaret Loretta Coughlin was born the 13th of July 1904 in Wallaceburg, Ontario daughter of William and Lizzie (Annal) Coughlin.

Left to Right: Viola and Margaret Coughlin (c 1920)

Margaret Coughlin married Arthur Joseph Schofield on the 12th of November 1924. ON the marriage certificate it says that Arthur was working as an auto inspector.

My grandparents, Ernest and Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan, were the witnesses at the marriage.

1924 wedding picture: Art and Margaret (Coughlin) Schofield

Marriage Certificate 1924
Undated photo

Arthur Joseph Schofield was born the 24th of August 1901 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. His parents were Thomas Schofield and Marie Cheron.

Art Schofield 1956

Art died on the 21st of  November 1981 in Warren, Macomb, Michigan
Margaret died  on the 7th  of  June 1984 in Warren, Macomb, Michigan

They are both buried at Resurrection Cemetery, 8201 Clinton River Rd Clinton Township Macomb County Michigan

52 Ancestors No. 24: My Grandparent's Funeral Cards

 I have decided to devote this week's blog post to the huge collection of mass, funeral and prayer cards that were passed down to me from my grandparents Ernest and Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan.

The majority of the cards are from the Marcotte and Janisse Funeral Directors. The others are: The Kennedy Funeral Home (Essex, Ont); Anderson Funeral Service; James H. Hutton Funeral Home; Van Deweghe Funeral Chapel and Windsor Chapel.

Of the seventy-one cards posted below, only nineteen are confirmed Moynahan-Coughlin ancestors. The majority are friends, neighbours, co-workers and acquaintances of my grandparents and I am posting them here for other Ontario and Michigan genealogists and family historians.

If you find a beloved ancestor amongst the cards below, I would love to know. Please leave a comment below.

Alphabetical Listing


ANNALS; James Jr. (1873-1921) *UPDATE*
ANNAL; Mary (-1927)


BEAUPRE; Leo A. (-1974)
BEDARD; John (1932-1966)
BEDARD; Simon (1896-1967)
BELANGER; Lionel (Priest) (-1961)
BENETEAU; Charles (-1967)
BLAIN; Marie Blanche (-1967)
BOUCHER; Delia (-1961)
BOUCHER; William (-1962)
BOYLE; Francis E. (-1973)
BRAZEAU; Ben (1909-1965)
BRODERICK, Arthur (1904-1968)
BRODERICK, Clara (-1973)
BRODERICK; Sarah (1881-1945)
BROWN; Josephine (1889-1969)


CAPLING; Stella(-1964)
CASEY, Edmond (1880-1962)
COLBI; Marvyn (-1965)
COSTI, Maria (1902-1961)
COUGHLIN: Lawrence (1916-1992)  *UPDATE*
COUGHLIN; William H. (1872-1952)
COUGHLIN; William L. (1947-1971)


DEAN, Harry (-1961)
DEMARCE; Elizabeth (1898-1968)
DEMARSE; Mary Madeline (1900-1929)
DESJARLAIS; Frank (-1966)
DROUILLARD; Matilda (1899-1973)
DUFOUR; Leo A. (1902-1974)


FIELDS; Clarence J. (-1967)
FLANNERY (-1964)
FRANCISCO; Irma (-1971)


GIGNAC; Francis A. (-1963)
GRANDCHAMP, Alexanderine (-1962)
GRIMMETT; Edward H. (1897-1967)


HARRISON: Bessie (1913-1978) *UPDATE*


IVERINA, Anthony (-1976)


KELLY; Patrick O. (-1957)
KUCA; John (1896-1967)


LACOMBE; George A. (-1967)
LACROIX; Alphonse (1866-1952)
LACROIX; Eugene (-1967)
LAFORET; Marie Louise (-1961)
LAJOIE, Margaret (-1964)
LANGLOIS: Alexander (-1936) *UPDATE*
LANGLOIS: Gretta M. (1910-1968) *UPDATE*
LARSH; Harold (-1969)
LAUZON; Calixte (1890-1969)
LEFAIVE: Viola V (1906-1985) *UPDATE*
LENNON; Edward (-1960)
LESPERANCE; Delima A. (1885-1964)
LUCIER; Lillian (1901-1962)
LYONS; Cora (1888-1974)
LYONS; Francis (1878-1965)
LYONS; Mary Ellen (-1961)


MacDONALD; Larry (-1966)
McKROW; Catherine (-1961)
MONFORTON; Bernadette (-1970)
MOYNAHAN; ERNEST (1900-1974)
MOYNAHAN; GERALD (1908-1961)
MOYNAHAN; John (1866-1933)
MOYNAHAN: John (1934-1987) *UPDATE*
MOYNAHAN; Mary Ann (1869-1960)
MYERS; Naploeon (1916-1970)


NIEDERREITHER; Rudolph (1904-1967)
NOUVION; Marie E. (1891-1968)
NUNN; Rose May (1911-1961)


OGG; Dean (1960-1966)
OUELLETTE; Esdras (1905-1974)


PAJOT; Lea (1903-1968)
PAQETTE; Georgina M (-1972)
PERRAULT; Annie Marie (1900-1962)
PERROTT; Mary (1897-1965)


REED-LEWIS; Leo E. (Priest) (1921-1962)
RIBARSKY: Joan M (1935-1984) *UPDATE*


SCHOFIELD: Arthur J (1901-1981) *UPDATE*
SCHOFIELD: Margaret (1904-1984) 
SHANNON; Thomas (-1960)
SINASAC; Agnes (1894-1962)
SMITH; Orval J. (1893-1968)
STEER; Mary J (1898-1963)


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Abandoned Mt. Moriah Cemetery - A Heartbreaking Beauty

Today's blog post is about an abandoned cemetery: Mount Moriah Cemetery in Pennsylvania. 

Founded in 1855, Mount Moriah Cemetery was one of the popular rural burial grounds for the victorian elite of Philadelphia.
Estimated  to be 380 acres, abandoned since 2011, the 85,000+ graves are now hidden by overgrown grass and weeds and home to wild foxes and deer.

Historic map of Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Pennsylvania
Source: Friends of Mount Moriah

Ownership of Mount Moriah Cemetery is in complicated legal limbo similar to many other cemeteries in North America where management responsibilities (and costs associated to maintenance) are in a state of constant confusion and "Perpetual Care Funds" dry up.

Thankfully, genealogists and local historians cherish these historic treasures and, in the case of Mt. Moriah, the "Friends of Mount Moriah" are actively involved. Their website  is filled with information and documentation.

Mount Moriah Cemetery
Source: Find A Grave


Monday, June 22, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 26: Is Johanna a Missing Moynahan Daughter?

Week (June 25-July 1) marks the halfway point in the year (2015) - and the halfway point in the  52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge!

Amy Crow poses the question, "What ancestor do you have that you feel like you’ve only researched halfway?" and I would have to say Matthew Moynahan (1770-1860). I feel like there is still so much more to know about him.

Matthew and Honora Moynahan had nine children and I only know the names of  five:
  1. Jeremiah
  2. Mary 
  3. Denis
  4. James 
  5. Timothy
I know of Jeremiah only because of a legal action that his father Matthew took against him for an unknown event that resulted in property damages. I have still not located Jeremiah in Detroit.

And Mary is known only because Matthew bequeathed all of his "real and personal property" to his son Timothy  "except one bed and bed clothes which I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Moynahan." I know her name but I have found no records of her whatsoever.

There are two sons and two daughters of Matthew and Honora Moynahan who remain nameless this far.

This post is about a death certificate that may have provided clues to one of the nameless daughters: Johanna.

I was excited and curious about a death register that I located at Family Search for a Joanna (Moynahan) Sullivan (1806 - 1891) daughter of Matthew and Honora Moynahan.

Return of Deaths for Washtenaw County, Michigan (1891)
CLDS 004209084
Ann Arbor Argus: Feb 10, 1891

Could Joanna Sullivan be one of the "unknown" daughters of  Matthew and Honora Moynahan of Maidstone, Ontario?
I decided to try and locate more information about Joanna (Moynahan) Sullivan starting with Michigan Census records for Washtenaw County Michigan where she died.

Panoramic view of the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan 1880.
Source: Libraray of Congress


1884 | Washtenaw, Webster | 2596
Source: Seeking Michigan

On the 1884 census I found husband Patrick (76 years) (b. 1808 in Ireland), wife Johanna M. (78 years)(b. 1806 in Ireland) and daughter Hanna C. (52 years)(b.1832 in Michigan).

According to the census, Patrick had one eye and Johanna was both blind and deaf at the time.

We also learn that Patrick was a farmer and Hanna (single) was "at home" likely as the sole caregiver for her parents.

Only Hanna and Patrick can read and write (despite not having attended school?) and Patrick and Johanna have resided in the state of Michigan for 54 years (and Hanna for 52 years).

This means that Patrick and Johanna arrived in the state of Michigan approximately in the year 1830

Then I located a history book that had more details on the Sullivan family:

Source: History of Wastenaw County Michigan
1880 census (showing Eugene - 35 Years old)
Eugene died in the 31st of October 1881 of typhoid fever thus explaining why on the 1884 record Eugene does not appear and daughter Hanna C. Sullivan is with Patrick and Joanna instead.

So far, I have learned a great deal about this Sullivan family of Washtenaw County, Michigan but I have no information that Joanna is the daughter of MY Matthew and Honora Moynahan!

Perhaps the way to resolve this would be to locate the 1830 marriage record in New York? I have placed a request to the angels at RAOGK: Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. 

Source Links

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Happy Fathers' Day

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Most countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June.

The history of Fathers' Day started with a petition in the early 1900s following a mine tragedy that left 1000 children fatherless but it really did not gain wide scale recognition until the 1970s.

Source: The Spokane press., June 16, 1910, Image 12

This means that most of our male ancestors never experienced a Fathers' Day celebration in their lifetime so I will give them thanks and honour them today.

These men were glassblowers, farmers, sailors, soldiers, firemen, Justice of the Peace, autoworkers and stevedores. These men loved their families and were loved in return.

I am grateful for the wisdom, inspiration and strength that flows through my blood from my many men ancestors: the men ancestors I have known in my lifetime; the men ancestors I have located through my genealogical research and the men ancestors whose name and stories I have yet to find and those I may never know.

Happy Fathers' Day


Thursday, June 18, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 25: My Mystery "Homestead Veranda" Photograph

This is my twenty-first of 52 blog posts for the 2015 edition of the 52 Ancestors challenge. I have been blogging my family history for the #52Ancestors challenge since it began in 2014.

#52Ancestors asks bloggers to "have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor. 

This week's theme is "The Old Homestead" and I have chosen this beautiful mystery photograph that was in my grandmother Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan's photo collection.

I have not yet identified the ancestors in this photo but I feel fairly confident in saying it is a home located somewhere in Essex county, Ontario.

It is not in the best of condition and shows a woman and two young girls sitting on a lovely veranda and a young boy sitting on his bike in what is most likely Windsor or Wallaceburg, Ontario. Or perhaps Detroit?

The mystery woman with two young girls.

A young boy on a bike.

The woman is holding a newspaper on her lap.
This young girl is holdinga doll.
This young girl has a kitten on her lap.
It would be wonderful if any cousins recognized this family and could help me identify these ancestors. Or if there are photography and/or fashion experts who might be able to help me identify a date.

Until then, this is a treasured photograph of a lovely family on the beautiful veranda of their home