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Updates: Leo Joseph Martin Broderick (1919-1943)

I have received a copy of Page 140 from the book of remembrance pages that has the name of Leo Joseph Martin Broderick from Veteran Affairs Canada. 

This page is displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on March 24 each year.

I have also received more details on the two burials of Leo in Germany: in Nussloch in 1943 and then in Durnbach in 1947. This information came to me with great thanks to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in Canada and in the UK

Friday, September 5, 2014

52 Ancestors #32 : RCAF: Leo Joseph Martin Broderick (1919-1943)

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year's Challenge: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

This week's post is about my first cousin (2x removed) - RCAF Warrant Officer (Bomb Aimer) Leo Joseph Martin Broderick who was born December 22, 1919 and died seventy-one years ago today on 06 September 1943 at the young age of 24. Leo was reported as missing following air operations over Germany during WWII.

Leo's Service File
From my visit to the Library and Archives of Canada

My visit to the Library and Archives of Canada
RG24 24929
Leo lived at 718 Marentette Avenue, Windsor, Ontario. His father was Detective Leo Broderick (1879-1920) and his mother was Clara (Gignac) Broderick (1882-1973). Leo Jr. was only three weeks old when his father died in 1920.

Leo's parents Detective Broderick and Clara (Gignac) Broderick
Before enlisting in the RCAF Leo had attended De La Salle (1926-1935) and Windsor Technical school (1935-1938)

He had also worked at Lanspeary's Drug store, Hiram Walker and Coca Cola as a bottler; and the Ford Motor Company.

Leo Enlists To Become an RCAF Pilot

Leo enlisted in July 1941 applying for the air force as a pilot. He received training and promotions between 1941 to 1943 finally becoming a Warrant Officer (W/O) when he was killed. Leo's regimental number is 109822.

Leo Broderick's enlistment photo - over 6 feet tall!

Leo's enlistment papers requesting Air Force Duty
Flying duties preference: Pilot

Leo Joseph Martin Broderick  was sent overseas in September 1942. In November he was posted at RAF Castletown with the 102 Squadron. (Photo: RAF Castletown)

The 405 Squadron: Sept. 1943

 In August 1943 he was posted with the 405 Sqdn., Royal Canadian Air Force as a bomb aimer.  

Ground crew bombing up a Handley Page Halifax Mark II, “LQ-Q” of No. 405 Squadron RCAF, at RAF Pocklington, Yorkshire. Ground crews worked tirelessly and around the clock to ensure that the aircraft in their care were serviceable and armed. © IWM (CH 6609)

On Sept 5, 1943 at 19:25 Leo's plane left Gransden Lodge airfield, England on a mission of "bombardment" destined for Manneheim, Germany. There were seven men aboard the Halifax aircraft - the maximum for the aircraft. The plane crashed at Nussloch, 9 km SSE of Heidelberg, Germany. (reasons not known)

One man was injured: 
  • Sgt J.E.Vidler (Rear Gunner)
Three men were taken as prisoners of war: 
  • Sgt C.Hewitson 535857 RAF (Flight Engineer) 
  • Sgt R.Thomson 1550695 RAFVR (Navigator)
  • Sgt J.H.Briggs 1082027 RAFVR (WOp Gunner)
Three men were killed at the crash site at Nussloch (9 km SSE of Heidelberg) where they were originally buried until moved to Durnbach cemetery:
  • Sgt A.C.Brunton 658381 RAFVR(Pilot) 
  • W/O L.J.M.Broderick R/109822 RCAF (Bomb Aimer)
  • Sgt G.E.Agate 1391419 RAFVR (Mid Upper Gunner)
The Operations Room of RCAF No. 405 Squadron. 1941
Photo: National Defence Image Library RE 74-385

Page 140 from book Second World War
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Province of Ontario Death Certificate
156 Squadron website

Research LINKS:
Details from Lost Aircraft


September 2014: The following document was received with thanks from CWGC-Canada . It shows that the three who died in the crash (1943) were reburied later at Durnbach September 13, 1947.

Graves Concentration Report October 1947

In March 2015, I attended the Turning of the Page Ceremony to honour Leo Joseph Martin Broderick (1919-1943)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

52 Ancestors # 34: Mary (Hussey) Broderick

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year's Challenge: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

This week's story is about Mary Hussey who was born in 1842 in County Galway, Ireland and died in Essex, Ontario on July 2, 1913. Her parents were Robert Hussey and Mary 'Keveney'.

The two things that I love most about Mary's story is how I came to be in possession of the picture of her (below - the only one I know of); and the love story between her and her life long partner Martin Broderick.

This picture came to me from Brother Bernard Broderick. His family history album was in the possession of the Christian Brothers in Scarborough and then passed on to me - most fortunately!

What I do know about Mary and Martin, I heard originally in an oral interview that I conducted (and recorded) with Brother Broderick in the November 1987. I also learned a great deal more about Mary from the obituary (below) as well as Martin's obituary .

Mary "crossed the Atlantic from Galway county, Ireland to fulfill a vow made several years after young (Martin) Broderick left the Emerald Isle"

Martin and Mary Broderick had nine children.

The Evening Record July 3, 1913
The Essex Free Press: July 11, 1913
"Seized with a paralytic stroke about 11 o'clock on Wednesday of last week, Mrs Mary Broderick, wife of Martin Broderick, a well-known retired farmer of Sandwich west, passed away at the home of her daughter, Canard River, two hours later.

The deceased was born in Ireland 71 years ago and lived in Sandwich west for the past fifty years.

She is survived by three sons, Leo, Michael and Francis and four daughters, Mrs John Moynahan, wife of the town clerk of Ojibway; Mrs Jas. Petiganey, Mrs A. Dufour of Sandwich west, and Miss Daisy of London."

Mary is buried with her husband Martin in Assumption cemetery. Buried with them are their two sons Martin (who died May 1881 at age 11 years in Detroit) and John (who died 28 January 1889 at age 13 years from a "swelling in the leg")

Assumption Cemetery, Essex, Ontario
with thanks to Canada Gen Web Cemetery Project
Added Sept. 5, 2014

Obituary for Mary's husband Martin Broderick

Essex Free Press Oct 15,1915

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52 Ancestors # 33: Sailor James Annal (1849-1930)

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year's Challenge: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

This week's blog post is about my great great grandfather James Henry Allan Annal. He was born on the 28th of March 1849 in South Ronaldsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland.  Orkney is an archipelago in northern Scotland comprised of approximately 70 islands of which 20 are inhabited.

James Henry Allan Annal (1849-1930)

Map of Orkney showing topography and main transport routes

"In the 17th century, Orcadians formed the overwhelming majority of employees of the Hudson's Bay Company in Canada. The harsh climate of Orkney and the Orcadian reputation for sobriety and their boat handling skills made them ideal candidates for the rigours of the Canadian north." (Thompson (2008) pp. 371-72.)

James Henry Allan Annal was the son of  James Annal and Elizabeth Wylie. He was the father of Elizabeth (Annal) Coughlin and the grandfather of Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan.

James Annal was a sailor all of his life and his obituary revealed that "he had an interesting and varied sailing career, as a boy was on a whaling expedition for three years in the Arctic."

He emigrated to Canada in 1870 (according to the 1901 census). He lived in Bruce county (Walkerton, Bruce south) and was a sailor on the Great lakes for many years.

1881 Canadian Census
(Bruce South, Walkerton)

"He had an interesting and varied sailing career, as a boy was on a whaling expedition for three years in the Arctic, and sailed every windjammer on the Great lakes a hardy and fearless sailor, and very expert in the construction of ship models."

A model ship made by James Annal

James Annal married Mary Hess (1853-1927) of Elora (c 1870) and they had four boys and four girls.

  • James Annal (1873-1921)
  • John Annal (1875-1960)
  • Mary (Annal) (1878-1948)
  • Annie (Annal) McIntyre (1880-1909)
  • Elizabeth Annal (1884-1953)
  • Ethel Annal (1886-?)
  • William Annal (1888-1949)
  • Wilford Andrew Annal (1896-1897)

Standing (L-R): J.H.A. Annal and Gabriel Hess
Sitting (L-R): John and James Annal, Joe Hess
Bottom: William Annal
Hess and Annal family

1891 census

1891 Canadian Census
(District 47, Bothwell, Wallaceburg Village)

1901 census

1901 Canadian Census
(Wallaceburg, Bothwell, Pg 13)
On closer look at census details, I learned that Elizabeth (Annal) Coughlin was living with daughter Madeline Coughlin with her mother and father (and William Henry Coughlin is not listed?). This explains why I could not find Lizzie and Henry's residence after their marriage in 1899.

1930 Death Certificate

Ontario Death Certificate

Headstone: Riverview Cemetery

"Find A Grave" listing for Annal headstone


Orkney Links

Sailing Links

The Bruce Peninsula
Excerpt from "The Bruce Beckons"
The following information was added September 4, 2014:

The chart below represents James Henry Allen's family. 

James' father James Annal was "by calling" an Orcadian " fisherman, and he had numerous fishing boats". I learned of these facts by reading a detailed account of Jame's sister Jemima Almina (Annal) Sutherland's life (see below). 

James Sr. "death occurred in 1876 when he was but fifty-five years of age, while his wife (Elizabeth Wylie) died in 1892, aged seventy-five years....The children born to this union were: John who died in Edinburgh, Scotland; Jennie who died in the Orkney Islands, unmarried; Jemima who married James Sutherland; Elizabeth deceased, who married James Burgess."

James and Jemima Sutherland of Chatham, Ontario
(Jemima was James Annal's sister)