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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Gratitude for My Connecticut Cousins

These precious Coughlin photographs arrived in the mail from my Connecticut cousins
2018 will be forever known as the year that I broke through my Coughlin ancestry brick wall and I continue to learn more and more about this branch of our family tree.

I am truly grateful for the generosity of my Connecticut cousins who have shared so much information and precious photographs with me so that I can share them with the rest of our Coughlin kin in Ontario and Michigan.

Still Waiting for the New York Department of Health

I mailed away for my 2nd great grandfather Michael Coughlin’s death certificate and I have not yet received a response? (Michael Coughlin died in Poughkeepsie 16 Dec 1921)

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal

I mailed it on the 27th of February, filled out the forms and included the fee (international money order from Canada $43.78) to:

New York State Department of Health
Vital Records Section
Genealogy Unit
P.O. Box 2602
Albany, NY 12220-2602

I do not even know how to follow up on this but I think that six months should have been sufficient time to locate the document? I have sent them an email today and hope to hear back.

Coughlin - Pucino photograph

The picture above is of Margaret (Coughlin) Pucino (1899-1964), standing in the rear with her children, daughter Evelyn (Pucino) Shea (1925-2016) and sons John (Jack) Pucino (1920-1983) and Daniel (1923 - 1960) Pucino, Jack being the eldest and tallest.  Her mother, Lillian (Griffin) Coughlin (1882-1965) is seated on the left. The woman on the right is unknown and it is thought that it may have been Lillian's mother, Rachel McNamee. 

William H Coughlin (1901-1913), Daniel John Coughlin (1874-1948) and John J. Coughlin (1904-1925)
This photograph above is possibly the last photograph ever taken of the young boy on the left William H. Coughlin (1900-1913),  before the tragic accident at St. Peter’s School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (see below)

Photographs are treasures, links to our past, our stories and I am incredibly grateful for my Connecticut cousins for so generously sharing them with me.