Tuesday, April 7, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 14: A Favourite Photo: My Grandparent's 1929 Wedding

April 2015 Themes

The theme for Week 14 of the 52 Ancestor challenge is "Favourite Photo" and there are so many wonderful photos in my family history files that it was really hard to decide which one to use this week.

I chose the photographs of my grandparent's wedding day in 1929 in Windsor, Ontario. There is so much to love. The dress style is so "Gatsbyesque" and my grandmother is holding a magnificent bouquet of Lily of the Valley! One of my favourite flowers!

The quality of this first photograph is extraordinary and I am not sure that my scan of it has done it true justice. (I wish that the name of the photographer was on the photo.)

Yes. These photos are definitely some of my favourites!

From left to right: Miss Viola Coughlin, Rhea Fern (Coughlin) Moynahan,
Miss Gretta Coughlin (maid of honour) and Eileen Demarse (Rhea's niece)

From left to right: Miss Viola Coughlin, Rhea Fern (Coughlin) Moynahan,
Bernard Moynahan, 
Eileen Demarse (Rhea's niece)
Ernest Joseph Moynahan and 
Miss Gretta Coughlin (maid of honour) 


  1. Beautiful photos here, of your family! Amazing. That gown is simply marvellous - I was so caught up in the gorgeous veil and headdress, that it took me a while to see it was a rather short dress! Can't help wondering who caught that beautiful bouquet. Cheers on your continued blogging.

  2. The one where the men are included I like even better as there are faint smiles on their faces and Bernard looks like he was caught talking. Bet he was cracking a joke or something... great pictures!

  3. Amazing thread! The wedding dress is simply looking marvelous. Last year, one of my friends who booked one of lavish Hollywood venues wore a similar dress. She was not looking that great but in this picture the dress is dazzling a lot.