Thursday, January 15, 2015

Frederick Dixon Foreman and Anna Hegna

I received an email today with a photograph of the headstone for Frederick Dixon Foreman and Anna Hegna.

The York Cemetery staff assisted me in breaking through a genealogical "brick wall" by locating Frederick's burial place and his date of death.

York Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario
From the cemetery information, I was able to locate Frederick's obituary in the Toronto Star. It is interesting how if refers to his wife "Hannah" when the headstone reads "Anna". Throughout my research, I have found both spellings for her.

Obituaries are helpful to locate other relatives as well. In this example we learn more about Frederick's children Lola, Geraldine, Donald, Shirley and Patricia.

Obituary for Frederick Dixon Foreman (1951)

Obituary Anna (Hegna) Foreman (1965)

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