Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015: 52 Ancestors: Week1 - Fresh Start

Thankfully Amy Crow has decided to host the 52 Ancestors - the 2015 edition again and this year's challenge will be the same as 2014 with a few new and interesting twists. This year, in addition to weekly postings of individual ancestors, there will be weekly themes

Week 1's theme is:

 Fresh Start — "Seems appropriate for the beginning of the year. What ancestor had a fresh start? What ancestor has been so confusing to research that you’d like to have a fresh start?"

I have had an exciting fresh start this week on my husband's family history (Surname: Foreman) thanks in large part to a simple search in the Toronto Stars Archives (for only $9.95 for one week).

I found an obituary for his grandfather Donald Jennings Foreman. (1911-1967)

This discovery gave me Donald Jenning's siblings and when I added that genealogical information to my research I then found the Foreman family on the 1911 (Calgary, Alberta) and 1921 census (Beamsville, Ontario).

Donald Jenning's mothers name was a real brickwall and there she was on the censuses - Hannah! (Hannah Hegna a Norwegian ancestor). Her birthplace in the census was U.S.A. (later determined to be Spokane, Washington) and all of Hannah's siblings and Hannah's marriage certificate to Frederick Dixon Foreman (Donald's father) followed!

By morning, my app looked like this:

A fresh start indeed! I am so excited to see what's in store in 2015.

All from one brickwall and one obituary!


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