Thursday, January 1, 2015

52 Ancestors Recap: 2015

No Story Too Small has re-issued a New Year's Challenge for 2015: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

This is a summary of my 2015 #52Ancestors blog posts:

  1. HEGNA: Hannah (Hegna) Foreman (1885-1965)
  2. HEGNA: Ole and Emma (HANSON) emigration (Norway to America)
  3. CONLON: Thomas and Elizabeth (GREER) Conlon
  4. FOREMAN: William H. and Frederick Dixon Foreman Alberta Homestead Records
  5. MOYNAHAN: Maidstone Auctioneer William Moynahan (1878-1950)
  6. MOYNAHAN: The Sad and Sudden Death of Patrick Moynahan (1853-1909)
  7. BRODERICK: My Oral History Interview with Bernard Broderick
  8. BRODERICK: Christian Brother: Bernard Broderick
  9. ANNAL: Great Grandmother Elizabeth's Brother John  Annal
  10. MOYNAHAN: James Moynahan (1842-1919) Civil War Soldier & Colorado Miner
  11. HESS - ANNAL: Hess & Annal : Feather Renovators (1906)
  12. COUGHLIN: The Naturalization Papers of William Henry Coughlin 
  13. MOYNAHAN: Rev. Ray Moynahan (1904-1980)
  14. MOYNAHAN - COUGHLIN: Favourite Photo: My Grandparent's 1929 Wedding
  15. DEMARSE - COUGHLIN: Sister Madeline Demarse (G.S.I.C) (1928-2010)
  16. LENNON: The Lennon Sisters
  17. BRODERICK: The Broderick "Crayon Portraits"
  18. MOYNAHAN: Matthew Moynahan's Last Will (1770-1860)
  19. DONIVAN: A Donivan Tragedy on the Chapleau River 1952
  20. SCHOFIELD-COUGHLIN: Arthur and Margaret Schofield
  21. LANGLOIS: Brokenhearted Three Months After Wedding
  22. COUGHLIN: The Art of Colorizing Photos
  23. MOYNAHAN-McHUGH: The Wedding Photos
  24. ESSEX Co.: Grandparent's Funeral Cards (Various surnames)
  25. ESSEX Co.: My Mystery "Homestead Veranda" Photograph (Unknown)
  26. SULLIVAN-MOYNAHAN: Halfway: Is Johanna A Missing Moynahan Daughter? 
  27. MOYNAHAN: Ottawa Photographs of Moynahan Kin?
  28. MOYNAHAN:  The Irish Brogue and French Priests
  29. MOYNAHAN: Mary (Moynahan) Moynahan of Corktown, Detroit 
  30. MOYNAHAN: Grand Army Department Commander James Moynahan 1917
  31. ANNAL - HESS : Meeting Distant Cousins from the Annal-Hess Clan
  32. VARIOUS SURNAMES: 32 Great Grand Parents
  33. LANDERS: The Landers Brothers (Part I)
  34. BRODERICK: Brother Berchmans F.S.C. - A "True Son of De La Salle"
  35. BRODERICK: Still Searching for WW II PoW Stories
  36. VARIOUS SURNAMES: Working For A Living
  37. LEFAIVE: The Lefaives of Detroit
  38. BRODERICK: WWII Service Files of Canadian War Dead Available 
  39. COUGHLIN: The Coughlin's 1940s Sing-Along! Part 1
  40. BRODERICK: October 100 Years Ago Martin Broderick Died
  41. BRODERICK-CASEY: Nurse Agnes Broderick 
  42. COUGHLIN-ANNAL: Coughlin Anniversary Folio Pak Snaps
  43. COUGHLIN: The Coughlin's 1940s Sing-Along! Part 2
  44. DEMARSE:  Madeline (Coughlin) Demarse (1900-1929)
  45. MORKIN:  Mabel (Moynahan) Morkin (1902-1945)
  46. CREIGHTON: Creighton Wedding Photos
  47. BOYLE: My Grand Aunt Mary Aileen (Moynahan) Boyle
  48. BONDY - MOYNAHAN: The Moynahan-Bondy Family of Detroit
  49. BRODERICK: Last Will and Testament of Martin Broderick (1831-1915)
  50. BRODERICK: Martin Broderick's Fenian Medal
  51. BRODERICK-MURRAY: The Broderick-Murray Wedding
  52. BRODERICK-KNAPP: The Broderick-Knapp Photographs
This is a summary of my 2015 (Optional) Themes:

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