Monday, June 29, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 24: My Grandparent's Funeral Cards

 I have decided to devote this week's blog post to the huge collection of mass, funeral and prayer cards that were passed down to me from my grandparents Ernest and Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan.

The majority of the cards are from the Marcotte and Janisse Funeral Directors. The others are: The Kennedy Funeral Home (Essex, Ont); Anderson Funeral Service; James H. Hutton Funeral Home; Van Deweghe Funeral Chapel and Windsor Chapel.

Of the seventy-one cards posted below, only nineteen are confirmed Moynahan-Coughlin ancestors. The majority are friends, neighbours, co-workers and acquaintances of my grandparents and I am posting them here for other Ontario and Michigan genealogists and family historians.

If you find a beloved ancestor amongst the cards below, I would love to know. Please leave a comment below.

Alphabetical Listing


ANNALS; James Jr. (1873-1921) *UPDATE*
ANNAL; Mary (-1927)


BEAUPRE; Leo A. (-1974)
BEDARD; John (1932-1966)
BEDARD; Simon (1896-1967)
BELANGER; Lionel (Priest) (-1961)
BENETEAU; Charles (-1967)
BLAIN; Marie Blanche (-1967)
BOUCHER; Delia (-1961)
BOUCHER; William (-1962)
BOYLE; Francis E. (-1973)
BRAZEAU; Ben (1909-1965)
BRODERICK, Arthur (1904-1968)
BRODERICK, Clara (-1973)
BRODERICK; Sarah (1881-1945)
BROWN; Josephine (1889-1969)


CAPLING; Stella(-1964)
CASEY, Edmond (1880-1962)
COLBI; Marvyn (-1965)
COSTI, Maria (1902-1961)
COUGHLIN: Lawrence (1916-1992)  *UPDATE*
COUGHLIN; William H. (1872-1952)
COUGHLIN; William L. (1947-1971)


DEAN, Harry (-1961)
DEMARCE; Elizabeth (1898-1968)
DEMARSE; Mary Madeline (1900-1929)
DESJARLAIS; Frank (-1966)
DROUILLARD; Matilda (1899-1973)
DUFOUR; Leo A. (1902-1974)


FIELDS; Clarence J. (-1967)
FLANNERY (-1964)
FRANCISCO; Irma (-1971)


GIGNAC; Francis A. (-1963)
GRANDCHAMP, Alexanderine (-1962)
GRIMMETT; Edward H. (1897-1967)


HARRISON: Bessie (1913-1978) *UPDATE*


IVERINA, Anthony (-1976)


KELLY; Patrick O. (-1957)
KUCA; John (1896-1967)


LACOMBE; George A. (-1967)
LACROIX; Alphonse (1866-1952)
LACROIX; Eugene (-1967)
LAFORET; Marie Louise (-1961)
LAJOIE, Margaret (-1964)
LANGLOIS: Alexander (-1936) *UPDATE*
LANGLOIS: Gretta M. (1910-1968) *UPDATE*
LARSH; Harold (-1969)
LAUZON; Calixte (1890-1969)
LEFAIVE: Viola V (1906-1985) *UPDATE*
LENNON; Edward (-1960)
LESPERANCE; Delima A. (1885-1964)
LUCIER; Lillian (1901-1962)
LYONS; Cora (1888-1974)
LYONS; Francis (1878-1965)
LYONS; Mary Ellen (-1961)


MacDONALD; Larry (-1966)
McKROW; Catherine (-1961)
MONFORTON; Bernadette (-1970)
MOYNAHAN; ERNEST (1900-1974)
MOYNAHAN; GERALD (1908-1961)
MOYNAHAN; John (1866-1933)
MOYNAHAN: John (1934-1987) *UPDATE*
MOYNAHAN; Mary Ann (1869-1960)
MYERS; Naploeon (1916-1970)


NIEDERREITHER; Rudolph (1904-1967)
NOUVION; Marie E. (1891-1968)
NUNN; Rose May (1911-1961)


OGG; Dean (1960-1966)
OUELLETTE; Esdras (1905-1974)


PAJOT; Lea (1903-1968)
PAQETTE; Georgina M (-1972)
PERRAULT; Annie Marie (1900-1962)
PERROTT; Mary (1897-1965)


REED-LEWIS; Leo E. (Priest) (1921-1962)
RIBARSKY: Joan M (1935-1984) *UPDATE*


SCHOFIELD: Arthur J (1901-1981) *UPDATE*
SCHOFIELD: Margaret (1904-1984) 
SHANNON; Thomas (-1960)
SINASAC; Agnes (1894-1962)
SMITH; Orval J. (1893-1968)
STEER; Mary J (1898-1963)



  1. I was hoping you would have some Tullys on your list, but their kin, the Flannerys might have been better positioned to make it into your collection, as one of their family had died in Essex...before the time period covered in your collection. Maude Flanery's funeral card did catch my eye, though. Not sure how--or if--she would be a relative. Will have to check that one out!

    Nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jacqi

      I thought I had replied to this earlier but it doesn't appear to have posted? Let me know if you have a Maud Flannery (nee Moynahan)

    2. Hi Jacqi

      I thought I had replied to this earlier but it doesn't appear to have posted? Let me know if you have a Maud Flannery (nee Moynahan)

  2. Cindi,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks so much Jana! I look forward t your Fab Finds post and I am honoured to have this post addedQ

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