Monday, May 19, 2014

52 Ancestors #20: Update

After writing the post: 52 Ancestors #20, I was examining the photo again and on the reverse side I discovered that Rhea Coughlin had written the word "Dad" and marked an "x" on the back.

This is not at all surprising given my Grandmother Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan's highly developed organization skills. I recall as a young girl that almost everything in my grandparent's Marentette home was sorted, labelled, organized and often had names of members of the family added. This was something I admired as a young girl, tried to emulate as a young woman and was grateful for when many old historical items came my way to assist me in my genealogical research.

With Grandma's mark in mind, I found the area where William Henry Coughlin was standing: the back row on the far right side at the edge of the church.

Zooming closer

And closer yet

With thanks to my meticulous Grandmother Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan, I now know exactly where my Great Grandfather William Henry Coughlin is in this great photo that is now almost 100 years old!!.

Moreover, now that I think of it, many thanks to Amy Johnson Crow and her New Year's challenge "No Story Too Small". This challenge has inspired me to look more closely at photos, documents and information I have had for some time and in the process, I am learning new things.

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