Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ancestor Problems

Every now and then, I subscribe to the Detroit Free Press for just one month for the low cost of $7.95. This month I did so because I found a Mary Moynahan (of Sandwich, Ontario) who married Dr. William Weyburn in Detroit in 1849.

Now there are a number of Moynahan women who I have been searching for over the past thirty years and I was hoping that this Mary was Matthew Moynahan's daughter named in his will ( and to whom he bequeathed "one bed and bed clothes"). (See: 52 Ancestors No.18: Matthew Moynahan's Last Will (1770-1860))

Hoping to find more about Mrs Mary (Moynahan) Weyburn,  I perused the Detroit Free Press and I located Mary (and the good Doctor) and I will write a dedicated post on that subject at a later date.

This post however is about the interesting other random bits of news that one comes across while researching newspapers and an idea that I had to create a cartoon based on the following news item about Maggie Moynahan and crows.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Ancestor Problems

I thought it would be fun to create a series of cartoons based on interesting newspaper tidbits such as this and call the series "Ancestor Problems".

Here is the first draft that I did this morning of Maggie Moynahan's missing rosary and Windsor's kleptomaniac crow.


  1. South Western Ontario Digital Archive picture of the Manning House on Ouellette & Pitt :
    photograph is the exact same one as postcard: from around 1908; an almost identical postcard is on page 21 of Postcards From The Past, Vol. 1 (Leddy: FC3095.E8 P67) is postmarked June 14th, 1908; however, the photograph was probably taken in 1893; Windsor was the first Canadian city to introduce electric street cars in 1886. In 1893, the system was expanded along Ouellette Avenue and connected the downtown with Windsor Race Track (now Jackson Park); the postcard shows Ouellette Avenue looking north from near Chatham Street; the Manning House Hotel (later the Royal Bank), built in 1887, is at the right on the southeast corner of Ouellette Avenue and Pitt Street; the old post office building is first building on the left.

    1. Those are the postcards that I used for the background sketch - but I have to admit I was still unsure which building was the Manning hotel :-)

      The concept was to have Maggie waving her arms while looking out the Manning House hotel window (can you see her in this draft?)