Monday, May 9, 2016

My Father's Visit To The Heavenly Rest Cemetery, Windsor Ontario

In March 2016, my father visited Heavenly Rest cemetery in Windsor, Ontario
and photographed the headstones of his family
As a young girl, on our many trips back and forth between Mimico and Windsor, Ontario, my family  would make time to visit the Heavenly Rest cemetery to pay our respects to our ancestors who had passed..It has been years since I have visited there

On a recent trip (March 2016), my father obligingly took photographs for me of our ancestors headstones.

Only 27% of the graves/headstones at Heavenly Rest cemetery in Windsor have been photographed at "Find A Grave" and our ancestors headstones have NOT. So I am eternally grateful for my father doing this for me so that I can share them here on this family history blog.

My father's headstones photographs are presented below in alphabetical order with links to any blog posts that I may have already written about that ancestor..

Elizabeth (Annal) Coughlin

Elizabeth Coughlin 1884-1953
Blog posts:

Lawrence Coughlin

Lawrence Coughlin 1916-1992

Victoria M. Coughlin
Victoria M. Coughlin (1920-1999)
William I. Coughlin

William I. Coughlin (1947-1971)

William H. Coughlin 

William H. Coughlin (1872-1952)
Blog Posts:
Ida Marie Demarse

Ida Marie Demarse (1890-1964)

Mary M. (Coughlin) Demarse

Mary M. (Coughlin) Demarse (1900-1929)
Blog Posts:

Joseph P. Demarse

Joseph P. Demarse (1896-1981)

Gretta (Coughlin) Langlois 
Gretta (Coughlin) Langlois (1910-1988)
Blog Posts

M. Rose Lacroix

M. Rose Lacroix (1909-2002)
Betty and Austin Lauzon
Betty (Demarse) Lauzon () Austin Lauzon (1922-1999)


Joan Lefaive (1935-1984)

 Blog Posts:


Patricia (Moynahan) McHugh (1930-1993) and Edward J. McHugh (1928-2005)

 Blog Posts:

Mabel A. (Moynahan) Morkin 

Mabel Morkin (1902-1945)

 Blog Posts:

Bernard Moynahan 

(Bernard Moynahan 1909-1974)
 Blog Posts:

Ernest Moynahan

Ernest Moynahan (1900-1974)
 Blog Posts:

Gerald Moynahan

Gerald Moynahan (1908-1961)
Blog Posts:

Shirley (Brazeau) and John Moynahan 

John Moynahan (1934-1987) and Shirley (Brazeau) Moynahan (1935-1997)
 Blog Posts:

John Moynahan 

John Moynahan (1886-1933)
Blog Posts:

Mary (Broderick) Moynahan 

Mary (Broderick) Moynahan (1869-1960)
 Blog Posts:

Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan 

Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan (1902-1992)
 Blog Posts:

Family Visits to Cemeteries & Grave Tending

Visits to the cemetery or mausoleum provides a concrete way to demonstrate that the deceased has not been forgotten. It is also an opportunity to tend to the grave - place fresh flowers, add a wreath, trim any overgrowth.

A visit to the cemetery also allows time and space for unfinished conversations between generations.

Though there are not prescribed times for visitation at cemeteries within the Catholic tradition, many find comfort and strength on visiting the grave site of a loved one on special occasions or holidays. It is appropriate for family and friends to visit on the birthday of the deceased, the wedding anniversary of the deceased, the anniversary of the death, or other special holidays. Some families pick a special day of the year to have loved ones gather and visit several grave sites on the same day.

The Irish Catholic Traditions in Dealing with Death

Long ago, the Irish were famous for wakes. The traditional wake was a merry celebration of the deceased’s life, where copious amounts of snuff and alcohol were taken, songs were sung and games were played.

Read more about the Irish and death by visiting links below

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