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Friday, May 13, 2016

Distant Cousins from the Annal-Hess Clan Part II

In this morning's inbox was an email from saying that I had hints for Jemima Almina (Annal) Sutherland (1846-1920)

When I visited the hints I found one that connected me to Find A Grave with photos recently added by Sandy Sutherland.

Source: Sandy Sutherland, Find A Grave

I had to check. Most of the information that I have received about the Annal-Hess branches in my family tree, I have received through the generous sharing of cousin Vicky Hess. Another distant cousin, Kim Simpson, shared information on the Simpson branch (and I wrote about this in my blog post 52 Ancestors No.31 Meeting Distant Cousins from the Annal-Hess Clan.

Distant Cousins: Annal-Hess descendants: Simpson & Sutherland branches
(Find A Grave profiles)
I was excited about the possibility of Sutherland cousins so I emailed Sandy Sutherland to ask for permission to use her Sutherland family photo (below) .

Jemima Almina (Annal) Sutherland (1846-1920)

Jemima is the older sister of my 2nd great-grandfather James Henry Allan Annal (1849-1930). She married James Sutherland (1850-1933) an only child, son of William and Barbara (Barron) Sutherland of Pomona Island, north of Scotland (better known as the Orkney mainland).

My 2nd great-grandfather
James Henry Allan Annal (1849-1930

James & Jemima Sutherland Headstone
Riverview Cemetery Wallaceburg, Ontario
Source: Sandy Sutherland, Find A Grave

Source: Vicky Hess: Wallaceburg Newspaper page 1 May 27 1920
On the photo below, Sandy Sutherland wrote,
Family photo. Jemima is seated next to her husband James. William Sutherland is standing behind her. If you can label anyone else in the photo, please do so, or let me know.
Source: Sandy Sutherland, Find A Grave

Commemorative biographical record of the county of Kent, Ontario (p 513)
Following the branches on your family tree is so important. 

In the Commemorative Biographical Record above for James Sutherland (above), detailed information is also given on my 3rd great-grandparents James and Elizabeth (Wiley) Annal of Orkney, Scotland.

This biography makes me curious:
  • Why are two children: James Henry Allan (1849-1930) and Mary C. Annal (1851-1918). omitted?
  • Why did all the children stay in Scotland except for sisters Jemima, Mary and their brother (my 2nd great-grandfather) James Henry Allan Annal?
Screen shot: My Annal-Wylie Family Tree on

Meeting cousins like Vicky, Kim and Sandy through genealogical research has been one of the many benefits of my genealogical research. Another benefit is being able to share the information and photos with other descendants so that they know more about the story of their ancestors.


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