Tuesday, August 11, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 30: Department Commander James Moynahan 1917

I found new information and a new photograph of my ancestor (1st cousin 4x removed) James Moynahan (1842-1919) while searching through the Hathi Trust holdings for the surname "Moynahan"

Grand Army of the Republic

Information was found in the recorded texts of the Annual Encampments of the Wyoming and Colorado Department of the Grand Army of the Republic.
1917 - James Moynahan - Department Commmander -
38th Annual Encampments of the
Wyomimg and Colorado Department
of the Grand Army of the Republic

"Let Him Have The Palm, Who Merits It"

In reading the texts of the Annual Encampments I learned that James Moynahan was nominated for position of Department Commander on many occassions and lost. He was successful in 1916 and served to June 1917 two years before he died.

In reading tanscripts, it was inferred that his religion and/or politics were being held against him? (see final paragraph in composite screen shot below)

Nominations transcript

James Moynahan was absent from the Fortieth Annual Encampment in June 1919. He died shortly thereafter.

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