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52 Ancestors #45 - The Curds of Dover, England.

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year's Challenge: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.” 

This weeks post is about Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton's mother Florence Mary Curd 1886-1915  from Dover England

Florence Mary (Curd) Moreland (1886-1915) with
daughter Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton (1909-2000)

1886 Birth Record

Birth Register 1886

Florence Mary Curd was born March 1886 in Dover, England to parents Alfred Curd (1862 - 1911) and Jane Ann Wellard (1866-1907).

1891 Census
1891 Census Dover
14 West Street, Charlton, Eastry, Kent, England
In the 1891 census, Florence is listed as a scholar meaning at 5 years of age she was attending school. Florence's father is listed as a "Carter". A carter is someone who "carries or conveys goods in a cart".

I have not been able to locate the Curd family on the 1901 census. I did locate some of the family on the 1911 census but by this time both parents had passed on and Florence had left England for Canada.

1908 Emigration & Marriage
Florence Curd travelled from Liverpool to Halifax
March 12, 1908
aboard the S.S. Dominion (Dominion Line) 

It is said that: "Florence met John "Jock" Moreland while he was stationed with the Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA) at Dover (Dover Castle) and they fell in love. He left for Halifax in 1907 and sent for Florence to join him in 1908.

Below is the passenger list from the S.S. Dominion showing "Florrie" Curd (22 years of age) aboard March 12, 1908

Florence's Mother Jane Anne (Wellard) Curd had died in  June 1907 at the early age of 41 years.

On April 15 1908 she married John Moreland in Halifax Nova Scotia. 
The other information we learn from Florence and John's Halifax marriage record is that John Moreland (26y) is listed as a "gunner" and his father Charles Moreland is listed as a "seaman". Florence Curd's (22y) father Alfred Curd is listed as a laborer.

Marriage record for Florence (Curd) Moreland & John Moreland
Purchased from

1909 - Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton Born

On the 14 of March 1909, the first child of Florence and John Moreland, Dorothy was born. Pictured below

1915: Florence Dies From Tuberculosis

Florence (Curd) Moreland died on February 3, 1915 of tuberculosis at 29 years of age (see her death certificate below). She had been suffering with the illness for two years.

Death record for Florence (Curd) Moreland edited
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Florence's two daughters, Dorothy (my grandmother)  and Florence, were removed to a foster home while their father John Moreland was overseas fighting with the Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery (RCGA) as a gunner in World War 1(1916-1918). 

Notably, the foster family's home was devasted in the Halifax Explosion but the family survived because they were visiting friends outside the city that day - December 6, 1917. 

Florence (Curd) Moreland is one of few women buried at the Military Cemetery in Halifax (Fort Massey Cemetery site 1013) with their son Charles (site no 1175) who died at birth 1 May 1913. 

Fort Massey Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1968 Reunion with Dover Curds

My grandmother Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton visited her Curd relatives in England in 1968.

Here are some photos from Nana's visits to England.

Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton in red dress holding hands with cousin Dorothy Knight (behind Dorothy Knight is her husband, Charlie Knight).
The young couple holding the two girls are Dorothy and Charlie’s daughter Diane, her husband and their two children.
The man standing in the doorway is Will Chandler (married Clara Alice, known as Alice).
Standing behind Dorothy Creighton is Dorothy Knight’s son

Far left: Dorothy's Aunt May (Curd) Daniel (b 1902-1989),
Ken Chandler (Alice and Will Chandler’s son)
wife and two sons.

Curd descendants Peter and Wendy (and friend Alan)

Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton seated at centre of Curd family descendants.
Dorothy Knight (left of Dorothy Creighton) and Dorothy's daughter, husband and children.
The Curd Family Tree

In September 1968, The Curd family reunited with the Canadian Moreland-Creighton clan and one of the "England cousins" drew this lovely family tree as a remembrance of the occasion. I have covered over the names of all living descendants for privacy reasons.

1968 Commerative Curd Family Tree
FYI: The Carrier Arms Pub

14 West St. Dover, England today

If ever I visit England, I want to have a drink at the Carriers Arms Pub (12 West St Kent) pictured here two doors away from 14 West St where Florence Curd lived with her family in 1891.

The Carriers Arms Pub was established in 1871 and has remained there ever since. When we found the Curd family on the 1891 census, Richard Beechum was the "Beer House Keeper".

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