Monday, October 26, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 40: 100 Years After His Death - A Wonderful Find - Martin Broderick's photo

Thanks to Michigan Family Trails, I spent the day searching through the Detroit Free Press (DFP) and found some incredible articles that I will be sharing over the next little while.

Michigan Family Trails announced that the DFP was available online from 1837 to September 2015. I signed up immediately for the monthly subscription option for $7.95 and within minutes I had found many articles on my Detroit Moynahan ancestors.

A surprise came when I came across an article on Page 11 from the DFP on Tuesday, October 12, 1915 about my great great grandfather Martin Broderick.

Search result page at Detroit Free Press archives

I had written about my great great grandfather Martin Broderick (1831-1915) three times before:
  1. Martin Broderick (1831-1915) 
  2. 52 Ancestors # 34: Mary (Hussey) Broderick
  3. 52 Ancestors No.17: The Broderick "Crayon Portraits"

I had only ONE picture of him (a crayon portrait) and an obituary from the Essex Free Press (Oct 15,1915)

New Information Found 
In The Detroit Free Press Archive

The Detroit Free Press had a photo I had never seen before and extra information about Martin's life that was not known to me previously.

Source: Detroit Free Press, Page 11
Tuesday, October 11, 1915
New information:

  • "Life in the country did not suit the young Broderick, and after three years of pioneer life he became a sailor. He sailed the lakes for some years until the call for volunteers to fight against the Fenians went out."
  • "For his services in the raid Mr Broderick was given a grant of land and a medal. The latter was, he considered, his most valuable possession, and until three days before his death, he was seen on the streets with the trophy pinned to his breast."
  • "Mrs Broderick died two years ago, This bereavement caused the husband much sorrow, as he expected soon to celebrate their golden wedding."
  • "A keen politician since the day he was given the franchise. Mr Broderick followed the fortunes of the Conservative party until his death."

What a wonderful ancestor treasure to find on the 100th anniversary of Martin Broderick's death.

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  1. Cindi - So happy you found all this. A great way to celebrate his life, 100 years later. Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post. I hope we both find a lot more as the month goes on.