Wednesday, October 14, 2015

52 Ancestors No. 39: The Coughlin's 1940s Sing-Along! Part 1

I was so excited to receive a CD in the mail from Michigan from my cousin Gail Kinsel. The recordings are from the 1940s and feature my Coughlin ancestors singing and carrying on.

I converted the CD tracks from .cda files to .mpg files so that I could upload them to my SoundCloud.

The Coughlin clan, including my great-great grandmother Elizabeth (Annal) Coughlin (1884-1953) and great-great grandfather William Henry Coughlin (1872-1952) (seated in photograph below) are waiting for their euchre game to start and decide to sing a few songs first.

They sing:
  • Song 1: "We Won't Be Home Until Morning" 
  • Song 2: "The Old Grey Mare She Ain't What She Used To Be"
Then the Coughlin clan signs off with: "This is the first Sunday that Uncle Danny (Coughlin) has been here. It won't be the last"

What a delight! My intention is to create a blog page featuring details on all seven tracks, but for now, here is Track 6 for your listening pleasure:

The Coughlin clan featured in the recordings
Uncle Danny - who is featured in the clip

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