Tuesday, July 15, 2014

52 Ancestors Recap: 2014

Wordle created using my surname list

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year's Challenge: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

This is a summary of my 2014 #52Ancestors blog posts:
  1. BRODERICK: Sarah "Daisy" Broderick
  2. ANNAL: Family Photograph Mysteries
  3. MOYNAHAN: John Moynahan: First Clerk Township of Sandwich South 
  4. COUGHLIN: Glassblowers in the 1800s
  5. MOYNAHAN: Timothy Moynahan: When Windsor Was A Wilderness
  6. MOYNAHAN: Timothy Moynahan: The Voyage from the Old Sod
  7. MOYNAHAN: Timothy Moynahan: 1829 - Days of the Old Horse Boats
  8. MOYNAHAN: Timothy Moynahan: The Shillelaugh Guards
  9. MOYNAHAN: Timothy Moynahan: Timothy Moynahan's kin?
  10. MOYNAHAN: Nellie  Moynahan: School teachers in the 1800s
  11. CREIGHTON - COUGHLIN - MOYNAHAN : Quilts and Crochet
  13. MOYNAHAN - LENNON: Departures
  14. COUGHLIN: Wallaceburg Schools
  15. MOYNAHAN: The Next Generation - We Are Family
  16. MOYNAHAN: Family Places & Homes in Mimico
  17. FOREMAN: Joseph Foreman (1933-1999): Track Star and Olympian
  18. CREIGHTONS: Halifax, Nova Scotia Roots
  19. MOYNAHAN: Talbot Settlers
  20. COUGHLIN: Holy Name of Mary Society, Wallaceburg, Ontario; and Updated post
  21. MOYNAHAN: Catherine Moynahan: "Unsound Mind" in the 1800s
  22. MOYNAHAN: Timothy Moynahan: Meningitis and Lunatic Asylums
  23. MOYNAHAN: Matthew Moynahan: 1770-1860
  24. MOYNAHAN: Enos and James Moynahan
  25. MOYNAHAN: Thomas Moynahan - 1861 Mail Carrier
  26. MOYNAHAN: John Moynahan - Labour Leader
  27. MOYNAHAN: Kent County Moynahans - Matthew, Timothy and Patrick
  28. BRODERICK: Detective Leo William Broderick
  29. MOYNAHAN: Detroit Postal Clerk M.J. Moynahan ~ Mt. Elliott Zinc Marker
  30. COUGHLIN: Rhea Coughlin & Parke Davis
  31. MORELAND: John Moreland: From Workhouse to War
  32. BRODERICK: RCAF: Leo Joseph Martin Broderick (1919-1943)
  33. ANNAL: Orkney Sailor James Annal (1849-1930)
  34. HUSSEY: Mary (Hussey) Broderick (1842-1913)
  35. O'CONNOR: The O'Connor Sisters
  36. ANNAL: Fire Chief and Ice Dealer James Annal 
  37. MOYNAHAN: William Moynahan's Amputation
  38. BRENNAN: Mary Brennan: Maidstone midwife
  39. DUFFY-COUGHLIN: Poughkeepsie Brick Wall
  40. BRODERICK: My GG Mary (Broderick) Moynahan
  41. COUGHLIN:  Coughlin Golden Anniversary 1949
  42. COUGHLIN: Trick or Treating
  43. COUGHLIN: The Photographic Camera and a Photograph Album
  44. COUGHLIN: Ice Boating in Windsor, Ontario
  45. CURD: The Curds of Dover, England
  46. CREIGHTON-MORELAND: Beloved Matriarch Dorothy
  47. CREIGHTON: Frederick Douglas Creighton (1907-1976)
  48. MOYNAHAN: Autoworker Ernest Joseph Sr.
  49. DONIVAN: The Chapleau Donivans
  50. PLAUS: John J. Plaus (1912-1966)
  51. FOREMAN: Donald Jennings Foreman
  52. CREIGHTON: My Mother Dawn

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