Wednesday, April 16, 2014

52 Ancestors #11: Quilts & Crochet

I have just read the recap for the 52 Ancestors Challenge and I am enjoying this challenge immensely! I search the surname index for familiar names and then I look at the blog post titles and click on ones that sound interesting. It is such a great way to connect with other genealogy bloggers.

Life has prevented me from devoting much of my energy to genealogy. However, that happens regularly to folks engaged in family research. Occasionally you have to hit the "pause button" and you do not worry because you know it will all be there waiting for you when you return.

My last entry was "#10: Nellie Moynahan: Teacher" so I have missed five full weeks. Time flies!

I have decided I have missed too many weeks to backtrack so I will start anew for Week #16.

For this post, I thought it would be fun to share some of my sketches of my two Grandmother's (Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan and Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton) handwork: Rhea's quilt is on the left and Dorothy (known as also known as "Dot") did crochet work (on the right).

The fabric colours and patterns fascinate me and these beautiful pieces were the result of countless hours of work. These are treasures that I keep sealed in a cedar chest. I am hoping to use these patterns as a background for a future acrylic honouring my two wonderful grandmothers: Rhea and Dot.

Dorothy (Moreland) Creighton holding baby on the right.
Rhea Fern (Coughlin) Moynahan