Sunday, February 23, 2014


Martin Broderick (1839-1915) was a Fenian raid veteran and resident of Essex County for 72 years.

He was born in County Clare, Ireland and he crossed the Atlantic with his parents when he was twelve years old. The family originally settled in Sandwich West.

He sailed the lakes as a sailor before marrying Mary Hussey in 1865. They were married for fifty years. The story has it that she crossed the Atlantic leaving her home in Galway, Ireland to fulfill a vow made several years after young Broderick left the Emerald Isle.

Mary and Martin had nine children: four girls and five sons.

Most of what I have come to know about the Broderick family is in large part due to the generosity of Patrick Broderick's (1871-1943) son Francis "Bernard" Broderick (1916 – 1992). 

An oral history was recorded in Scarborough, Ontario and his photographs were passed on to me through Christian brothers at Lasalle manor: Brother Francis and Brother Walter Farrell, FSC Archivist.  

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