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52 Ancestors #1 : Sarah "Daisy" Broderick

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year's Challenge: "Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

Birth: 12 Mar 1877 in Essex, Ontario, Canada
Death: 27 December 1945 in London, Ontario

I have not given up on Daisy yet. She has been intriguing me ever since I found this photo and various other cards and notes.

I found Daisy in the 18811891 and 1901 census living in Essex county with her parents.
1921 Census Mount Hope Poor House

In 1911 and 1921 she is found in the London Ontario census  as an "inmate" of the House of Providence (1911 census; later called the Mount Hope Poor House in the 1921 census at right). 
She lived there for 34 years as an "inmate".

My hopes for the rest of this story lay possibly within the archives of the Sisters of St Joseph in London. I am hoping to learn more there.

UPDATE#1: January 2014: I have completed the researcher request forms and have started the process with the Sisters of St Joseph Canada Main Archives and London site Archives. I am quite excited and optimistic about this leg of the research. This will take time and I may travel to London, Ontario this spring as a follow-up.

UPDATE #2: February 2014: I received a response from the Sisters of St. Joseph in the mail. " I regret, after a search of the limited records we hold on the House of Providence, we have been unable to locate any records on "Daisy" Sara Broderick. We have searched our Chronicles, a scrapbook and a record book." 

So sad. Sarah spent thirty-four years in London under the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph and I had hoped for some insight into why she was there, what she did every day and why her death certificate lists her cause of death as "shock"

Updated 2016-02-13
Source: Windsor Daily Star Dec 27, 1945

Next steps: 

I am determined to continue my search for information on Sarah Broderick. I will also continue to seek assistance from other researchers and other resources such as:

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