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52 Ancestors No. 42 - Coughlin "Folio Pak Snaps"

I found this "Folio Pak Snaps" photo book recently when sorting through some genealogy papers and what a delightful find it was!

This little book is inscribed, "Elizabeth & William Coughlin's Golden Wedding Anniversary" written in my grandmother Rhea (Coughlin) Moynahan's handwriting. I previously blogged about their 1949 Golden Anniversary here:

Noticeably absent from this book of photos is William Coughlin and it made me wonder? Was this really the Golden Anniversary in 1949 or was it another celebration?

I wondered why there were no pictures of Grandfather Coughlin and why there was a picture of Grandmother Coughlin cutting the cake alone if it was an anniversary celebration? Grandpa Coughlin died in 1952. The other clue was Ed McHugh (in the in-law photo) he married Patricia Moynahan in 1954?

One of the children in the photo was born in 1948 and is much older than one-year-old in the photo below.

Rhea wrote on the back of each photo and I have captioned each of the eleven photos below with what she wrote.

I do believe that these are photos of a Coughlin family celebration - likely Grandma Coughlin's birthday (March 24th)!

Genealogists are challenged when photos have absolutely nothing written on them and we cannot identify who is on the picture. It is equally challenging when the photos have been identified, but something doesn't add up!

When I shared the photographs online, everyone pitched in and figured out what year it was and helped me identify everyone in the photographs as well!

Gail Kinsel (who appears in the photos) wrote,
Hi Cindi, I am going to give you my best recollection to these wonderful family pictures. 
First it is my belief these pictures were taken In March, 1952 celebrating Grandma Coughlin s 69th birthday. They are not the 50th Anniversary pictures. 
In the grandchildren picture, back row left to right, Betty Lauzon, Joe Demarse, Joan Lefaive, Patricia Moynahan, Richard Lefaive. Second row L-R Gail Harrison, Grandma Coughlin, Gerald Lefaive. Front row L-R Bill Coughlin, Cindy Harrison, on Grandma's lap are two of Betty's children (Sher and Gary), Maureen Coughlin and Betty Lauzon's son Jim. Children photo I think you know the children and that is Ida Demarse. 
In-laws picture, back row L-R Austin Lauzon, Ed Harrison, Ed McHugh, Art Lefaive, Joe Demarse, Ernie Moynahan. Seated L-R Vickie Coughlin, Grandma and Art Schofield. Picture of Grandma opening her gifts it's Grandma, Gail Harrison and Betty Lauzon. Grandma standing at the dining room table in front of her birthday cake. Lastly, Surprise, Grandma and Bill Coughlin entering her home on Hickory. 
I hope this is helpful. One thing I am sure of is that it is not her Golden Anniversary. That is why Grandpa wasn't in any of the pictures. He had passed already.

The Cover
Reade's Photographic Service
Windsor, Ontario

"Elizabeth & William Coughlin's Golden Wedding Anniversary"
"Golden Anniversary"

"Taken at Golden Anniversary" 

"Golden Anniversary; Pat here; John & Ernest missing"

Golden Anniversary; children & Ida Demarse
"Inlaws at wedding; Dad missing"
"female relatives"

"Golden Anniversary"

"Golden Anniversary: Coughlins"

"Golden Anniversary: Coughlins"

"Grandma Coughlin and Billy Coughlin"

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