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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

November 11 - We Remember

Every November 11th, I dedicate a blog post to my four ancestors who served in the First and Second World Wars and my parents who served with the R.C.A.F. in peace time. 

"More than a third of Canadians are unaware if they had ancestors who participated in either of the world wars" (based on a survey by 

Gerald Moynahan's CVSM 1939-1945 Medal & Clasp and Attestation Papers
(Source: Moynahan Archives/ Cindi Moynahan-Foreman)

I believe that by remembering them, we become aware of the horrible human cost of war and we will  work harder for peace for future generations. My previous Remembrance Day blog posts:
My second great-grandfather Martin Broderick (1831-1915) was a Fenian Raid volunteer

 23 New Names Added to This Remembrance

This year I am adding some more names and photographs that I have come across in my ongoing genealogical research.

My great-uncle Father Ray Moynahan was a priest during WWII and administered to the spiritual needs of soldiers and their families in Goderich, Ontario

WWI Dead: James Coveny (1897-1918)

My Tilbury, Ontario second cousin (2x removed) James Coveny was killed in the First World War on the 28th of August 1918, 1 Mile S of Arras, France. James had enlisted at 18 years of age in 1915 and made it all the way to the "Last Hundred Days".

Source: Library and Archives Canada; War Graves Registers: Circumstances of Death; Box: 167 ; Canada, War Graves Registers (Circumstances of Casualty), 1914-1948

James Coveny was buried at: Achicourt Road Cemetery, Achicourt Achicourt Departement du Pas-de-Calais Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France Plot: D. 21. Created by: CWGC/ABMC Record added: Aug 06, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 56184696

I have dedicated an entire blog post to him. Please read more about him by visiting:

200+ Years of My Maternal Ancestors
Marrying Military Men 
John, Florence (Curd) and Dorothy Moreland (c1910)

My Haligonian cousin reminded me that a LOT of my maternal ancestors married military men (in the U.K. and in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He also reminded me that a LOT of my maternal ancestors also enlisted in peace time.

I honour and remember them here:
(N.B. xxxxx denotes a living relative who is not named for privacy reasons)
My Atlantic military ancestors
In the photo above (clockwise):
  • Husband of my great-grandmother: William Melhuish (1890-1954)
  • My mother: Dawn (Creighton) Moynahan (1936-1981)
  • Husband of my great-aunt: Charles Laidlaw (1916-1998)
  • My cousin: Dale Huston (1953-1976)
  • My uncle: Myron Huston (1927-1972)
  • Husband of my great-aunt: Clyde Garrison (1921-1994)
  • My uncle: Jack Creighton  (1935-1995)

My uncle: Cyril O'Connor (1928-2006)

(N.B. I have not yet located military photos for my uncle Ken Creighton (1940-1992).)
Jeremiah Moynahan (1918-2011)
Tilbury, Ontario

I have written about my second cousin (2x removed) Jerry Moynahan previously (see: Kent County (Ontario) Moynahan Ancestors ) and I recently became aware of his military service through a website called "Gathering Our Heroes" which aims to compile all of the names and stories of the World War I and II veterans from Chatham-Kent, on their website, and to make it accessible to everyone through the internet.

Jerry Moynahan of Tilbury, Ontario (1918-2011)
"Jerry enlisted with the Essex Scottish I September of 1939. (TT 28/09/39) and he transferred to be a Signalman A21902 with the army in Germany.

While near Calcar, Germany serving with the battalion headquarters, they were surrounded by the enemy. The group fought off repeated attacks over night as the Germans tried to capture the town. They sheltered in the cellar while Nazi artillery fired on the building. (CDN 8/03/45)

Reported returning from overseas duty aboard HMCS St. Laurent, expected to dock at “an eastern Canadian port” soon. (CDN 8/09/45). Jerry was reported being welcomed back to Chatham from overseas duty by Aldermen George Kerr KC., A. G. Goodman and Bert Joyce also by Rehabilitation Officer William Foreman and Alex Copeland for the Civil Reception Committee along with hundreds of citizens. (CDN 12/09/45)".

Family Portraits With Soldiers
John Aloysius Conlon (1898-1962)

The Conlon Family (c1910) (Source: Photo archives of Pete Foreman)
This photo of the Conlon family came from Pete Foreman's private photo archive and is shared here with his permission.

The young man in the rear is John Aloysius Conlon who served in WWI. I have had no luck tracking down his military records. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland May 15, 1898 and he died suddenly in Toronto on December 8, 1962.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Source: Toronto Star: 10 Dec. 1962

Family Portraits With Soldiers
James Sutherland (1872-1940) 

The Sutherlands: (Source: Sandy Sutherland, Find A Grave, Memorial# 65543591)

The soldier in the photo above is James Sutherland (1872-1940) who is a descendant of the Annal clan (see:

He enlisted on January 22nd, 1916 at the age of 44 years and 11 months. He was:
  • five feet six inches tall
  • fresh complexion, dark eyes and grey hair
  • On June 13, 1916, he was considered fit for service
James Sutherland's full file is not yet available from Library and Archives Canada. As of Oct. 15, 2017, 502,740 of 640,000 files are available online in our Personnel Records of the First World War database. (Visit the Digitization of the Canadian Expeditionary Force Service Files page for more details on the digitization project.) (Latest box digitized: Box 8555 and last name Russell.)

ATIP and Personnel Records

I have just received my two outstanding Access to Information requests for my great-uncles and will write them up in detail on a separate page:

My great-uncle Thomas Bernard Moynahan (RCOC)

Thomas Bernard Moynahan
(22 Sep 1909- 8 Feb 1974)

My great-uncle Gerald Moynahan pictured on right: London, England

Gerald Moynahan
(2 Nov 1908- 17 Jul 1961)

My Mother and Father

Both of my parents served in New Brunswick, Manitoba and British Columbia in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

My mother Dawn (Creighton) Moynahan (FCO 278) (Middle row, 4th from left)

Mt father (TO 125) (Back row, 2nd from left)

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