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On This Day (OTD) March 2017

In past years, I have used Amy Crow's "52 Ancestors" as a means to go deeper into my family history research.

For 2017,I have decided to use "On This Day" (or OTD for short) as a means to
  • honour the life events of my ancestors
  • revisit my previous research, 
  • check for new information online (i.e. on ancestry and Family Search)
  • update any of my previous blog posts if new information was found
  • share these #OTD memes on social media like my Facebook page (to share with family) and on twitter (to share with other genealogists). (See the images at the bottom of this post for examples of previous March 2017 posts.)
  • In some cases (like Francis Clifford Tomlin's Headstone) I have created new blog posts.

On This Day :
Ann (Moynahan) Jobin
Was Born March 27, 1877

Ann (Moynahan)Jobin

On this day, March 27, 2017, we commemorate the birthday of Ann Jobin. She is my 2nd great-aunt and she was born in Maidstone, Ontario. She is the daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Brennan) Moynahan.

She married Alexander Jobin and lived her entire life on the same farm she moved to when she married Alex (9th Concession in Sandwich South, Ontario).

The newspaper reports that in December 1947, Ann's friends were "wishing her a speedy recovery from a serious operation" which she never recovered from. She eventually died from this "serious operation" in March 1948. No further information is available on this operation because the online records do not yet go to 1948. ( Ontario Deaths, 1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947 ).

I wanted to dedicate extra space to Ann today to share three interesting facts about Ann's life that folks might not know.

FACT #1: Ann's father Jeremiah Moynahan died in her home in June 1922 while on a visit:

FACT #2: My grandfather, Ernest Moynahan, was one of the six nephews who were pallbearers at Ann's funeral.

FACT #3: Ann's headstone at St Mary's in Maidstone Ontario has a interesting dollar sign symbol at the top that has nothing to do with money.

Source: CanGenWeb: Maidstone: St Mary's Cemetery
"This symbol, which looks like a dollar sign ($), is actually the letters I, H, and S superimposed over each other. These represent the Greek letters Iota (Ι), Eta (Η) and Sigma (Σ), which are the first three letters of Jesus in Greek." (Source: Cemetery Wordpress)

Happy Birthday Ann (Moynahan) Jobin (1877-1948)

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