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52 Ancestors No. 47: My Grand Aunt Mary Aileen (Moynahan) Boyle

Having finished the post on my grand aunt Mabel (Moynahan) Morkin (1902-1945) I thought I should add a post about her older sister Mary Aileen (Moynahan) Boyle (born 1899) and her family, the Boyles.

Mary Aileen is my grand aunt. Only recently have I been paying attention to the distinction made between "grand aunts" and "great aunts" (thanks to Amy Crow)
"Technically, the sister of one of your grandparents is your grand-aunt. “Grand” shows that it is one generation away; “great” is supposed to be added to generations beyond “grand.” - See more at:
Grand aunt Mary Aileen Moynahan was the first born child of John and Mary (Broderick) Moynahan.

 Mary Aileen (Moynahan) Boyle standing in the rear

 Mary Aileen (Moynahan) Boyle standing in the rear
Mary Aileen (Moynahan) Boyle (1899-)

1935 Campbell Ave., Windsor

Mary Aileen was living at home in 1935 and working as a stenographer

The Boyle-Moynahan Wedding

Francis Edward Boyle
Born: 11 March 1889 • Peterborough, Ontario
Died:  26 March 1973 • Windsor, Ontario

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