Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two New "Seeking Michigan" Resources

I am always excited whenever new genealogical information is digitized and shared for free on the internet!

This week, to celebrate Seeking Michigan’s sixth birthday, they announced (along with the Archives of Michigan) the images of Michigan death certificates from 1921-1939 have been made available for free and the index for records from 1940-1952 will be made available in the next few weeks!

Mt Elliott - Moynahan plot

1895 Detroit City Directory
Kitty Moynahan was the principal of McKinstry School
Education in Detroit 1916
Kitty Moynahan Principal of Parke School

Another resource worth noting on the Seeking Michigan website includes Newspapers:

  • The Detroit News Indexes The Archives of Michigan received well over 1 million index cards from The Detroit News at the end of 2014. These cards have been scanned into batches of 500-1000 cards per PDF file. The tables of files are organized alphabetically by starting and ending subject. These index cards appear to cover from the beginning of The Detroit News into the late 1990s. The Archives of Michigan does not have microfilm of The Detroit Newspaper at this time. Because the cards are organized by subject, be prepared to look for different but related subjects if the first subject you try doesn’t yield a result.
  • I found an index card for my uncle, Labour Leader John Moynahan (1934-1897)
Index card from 1975
regarding my Uncle John Moynahan
As time passes, more genealogical records become digitized . I am very grateful to those organizations like Seeking Michigan who offer their records for free to family historians, genealogists and all researchers.

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