Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bachelors, Spinsters, Priests and Nuns

As a family historian and genealogist, I find myself particularly drawn to researching and learning more about the lives of the many bachelors and spinsters that come to me through my research.

I cannot explain the satisfaction I felt at locating the service records, a photo and the final resting place of Leo Broderick; or locating the whereabouts of a son sent to an asylum due to illness like Timothy Moynahan; or finding the obituary for an auctioneer relative like William Moynahan; or receiving in the mail the service records of an uncle like Bernard Moynahan; or hearing more and more about the life of a strong unmarried woman like Nellie Moynahan.

I also want to honour the many relatives who were nuns and priests and who devoted their lives to serving God. Most often these relatives moved to communities far away from their families.

I have created this page to honour and remember them all and to share some of their unheard stories.

The Spinsters:
Note: The term "spinster" is seen as derogatory in the present context. I use it here in the historical context where it was a legal term used on legal documents to denote someone who was single and never married.

The Nuns:

The Bachelors:

The Priests

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